Computer Vision / Deep Learning Researcher
Computer Vision / Deep Learning Researcher
Kfar Monash
Posted February 14
In this role, you will research, develop and test diverse computer vision solutions for problems such as: object detection, object tracking, semantic segmentation, and object 3d reconstruction for both real-time video processing applications on edge devices and for offline video analytics. Requirements:
  • Industry experience of 3+ years in modern computer vision research
  • Industry experience using any of the major Deep Learning frameworks
  • Experience optimizing Deep Learning networks performance for edge devices
  • Experience with video processing / analytics
  • Relevant degree in the field of computer vision
  • Strong programming skills, preferably in Python
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
Nice to have:
  • Experience optimizing Deep Learning solutions for Nvidia Jetson devices
  • Experience as data scientist / analyst / non vision algorithm researcher
  • Experience in robotics or autonomous machines
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