Israeli AI Startup Funding Rounds of September 2020

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For the month of September 2020, Israel’s AI startups raised $806 million in private funding across 24 funding rounds, a significant rise from last month’s $471.9 million raised, and that of the previous year.

August’s funding total was derived from 94 individual investors, up 30% from last month’s 72.

Fintech and Agritech focused startups reeled in the most funding, led by Next Insurance and InFarm with a combined $420 million in funding, while the Technologies, Enterprise and Healthcare sectors trailed, but led the month by deal count:

Israel’s AI startup funding rounds of September 2020 by business sector. Figures are not mutually exclusive.

View the funding rounds of September 2020 below:


Inthegame, interactive live TV watching platform, $1.2 Million Seed, customer experience optimization platform, $1 Million Seed

Series A:

Varada, automated data lake management, $12 Million Series A

EasySend, code-free business automation platform, $11 Million Series A

Blue White Robotics, autonomous vehicle platform, $10 Million Series A

DeepCube, deep learning inference acceleration software, $7 Million Series A, autonomous demand generation platform, $6.5 Million Series A

TetaVi, portable volumetric video capture technology (hologram), $6 Million Series A

Series B:

AnyVision, face and object recognition platform, $43 Million Series B

EverC, online money laundering security, $35 Million Series B

Medigate, medical IoT device cyber security, $30 Million Series B

Pcysys, automated cyber penetration testing platform, $25 Million Series B

Coralogix, log analytics platform, $25 Million Series B

Aurora Labs, fault detection and repair in vehicle ECU, $23 Million Series B

BrandTotal, real-time brand competition marketing analytics, $12 Million Series B

Aidoc, medical imaging analysis for radiology, $20 Million Series B+

Series C:

InFarm, modular-based urban farms inside retailers, $170 Million Series C

Novellus, precision drug development for oncology, $57 Million Series C

Phytech, IoT sensors for agriculture monitoring, $23.5 Million Series C

Medasense, pain monitoring and management, $18 Million Series C

BioCatch, behavioral biometric cyber security, $20 Million Series C+

Series D:

Next Insurance, digital insurance for small businesses and self-employed, $250 Million Series D


Lightbits Labs, storage and networking for hyperscale data centers

Sixgill, dark web cyber intelligence platform