For the month of September 2019, Israel’s AI startups raised $594.5 million in private funding, up from $197 million of the previous period.

For the year of 2019, Israel’s AI startups have raised $3.1 billion in private funding across 143 deals, surpassing the total amount raised for 2018, $2.7 billion.

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Here’s the list of fundraising rounds for the month of September 2019:

Okapi AI, employee operational insight notifications, $5.5 Million A Round

ShapeShift, e-sports gaming interactive solution, $2.5 Million Seed Round

Body Vision, intra-body lung cancer diagnosis device, $20 Million C Round

Tastewise, food intelligence and trend analysis, $5 Million A Round

FruitSpec, hyper-spectral fruit yield analysis, $4 Million A Round

Cycode, source code security platform, $4.6 Million Seed Round

Fundbox, small medium business credit financing, $150 Million Debt Round

Fundbox, small medium business credit financing, $176 Million C Round

ShieldIOT, IoT device cyber security platform, $3.6 Million Seed Round

Igentify, end-to-end personal genetic platform, $10.5 Million A Round

Trigo Systems, cashierless grocery purchasing system, $22 Million A Round

Lumen, breath-based metabolism sensor solution, $8.5 Million A Round

Joonko, peer-to-peer diversity recruiting network, $2.4 Million Seed Round

YOUTILIGENT, IoT appliance consumer solution, $1.5 Million Seed Round, phone-based urine test analysis kit, $60 Million C Round

vHive, autonomous drone fleet operating solution, $5.5 Million Seed Round

Explorium, enterprise data science platform, $15.5 Million A Round

Kovrr, insurance cyber risk managment platform, $5.5 Million Seed Round

LeO, conversational AI solutions for insurance, $1.6 Million Seed Round

Innovesta, crowd-based due diligence platform, $2.7 Million Seed Round

Syte, visual recognition solution for fashion, $21.5 Million B Round

Vim, healthcare patient management platform, $24 Million B Round

PerimeterX, automated bot cyber security solution, $14 Million C+ Round

Fieldin, farm crop spray and harvest management, $12 Million A Round

Neura, mobile consumer and IoT data provider, $16 Million B Round

Cartica AI, automotive visual intelligence platform, Strategic Round

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