Israeli AI Startup Funding Rounds of October 2020

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For the month of October 2020, Israel’s AI startups raised $1.1 billion in funding across 33 funding rounds, tracking higher from last month’s funding raised.

October’s funding total was derived from 119 individual investors, up from last month’s total of 94.

Marketing, Enterprise and Fintech focused startups led the pack this month in terms of the amount of invested capital, largely led by DoubleVerify’s post-acquisition mega round, followed by Tipalti and SimilarWeb’s series G and series E rounds.

Israel’s AI startup funding rounds of October 2020 by business sector. Figures are not mutually exclusive.

View the funding rounds of October 2020 below:


Mybiotics Pharma, microbiome based drug-development, $2.3 Million Grant


INCRMNTAL, digital marketing value measurement analytics, $1.4 Million Pre-Seed


Engageli, digital learning platform, $14.5 Million Seed

Deci, hardware-agnostic deep learning accelerator, $9.1 Million Seed

Navina, clinical and financial insights for physicians, $7 Million Seed

Edgify, deep learning edge model training framework, $6.5 Million Seed

Neuralegion, application security testing, $4.7 Million Seed

Dyad Medical, cardiac and cardiovascular medical image analysis, $3.5 Million Seed

Walnut, video demo platform for sales presentations, $2.5 Million Seed

CRUX, video user knowledge quantification platform, $1.3 Million Seed

Dealtale, no-code customer data analytics platform, Seed

Trusstor, sensor-based construction intelligence platform, Seed

Series A:

Apiiro, DevSecOps coding risk management, $35 Million Series A

BlackSwan Technologies, enterprise AI engine platform, $28 Million Series A

Nym Health, autonomous medical coding technology, $16.5 Million Series A

Dataloop, data annotation and labelling platform, $11 Million Series A

SiteAware, construction digital verification platform, $10 Million Series A

Mine, consumer internet data privacy tool, $9.5 Million Series A

APERIO Systems, industrial data integrity analytics platform, $8.5 Million Series A, operating systems for robotics, $4 Million Series A

vHive, autonomous drone inspection platform, $4.5 Million Series A+

Series B:

Toka, targeted and lawful intelligence gathering platform, $25 Million Series B

Illusive Networks, enteprise cyber security solution, $24 Million Series B+

ADASKY, advanced thermal sensing camera $15 Million Series B+

Series C:

Syte, e-commerce visual content search, $30 Million Series C

Techsee, AR visual support solution, $30 Million Series C

Panoply, data warehouse and management platform, $10 Million Series C

Series D:

Augury, predictive maintenance sensor for machines, $55 Million Series D

DoubleVerify, ad-fraud and brand safety security, $350 Million Series D

Series E:

Tipalti, business payables automation platform, $150 Million Series E

Series G:

SimilarWeb, website analytics solution, $120 Million Series G


Syte, e-commerce visual content search, $10 Million Debt

Credit Facility:

DoubleVerify, ad-fraud and brand safety security, $150 Million Credit Facility

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