Israeli AI Startup Funding Rounds of November 2020

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For the month of November 2020, Israel’s AI startups raised $1.0 billion in funding across 35 funding rounds, slightly lower than last month’s funding raised.

November’s funding total was derived from 100 individual investors.

Enterprise focused startups attracted the majority of funding this month, by capital invested and volume of deals, led by SentinelOne’s $267 million round.

Israel’s AI startup funding rounds of November 2020 by business sector. Figures are not mutually exclusive.

View the funding rounds of November 2020 below:


Taliaz Diagnostics, anti-depressant prescription support tool, $2.7 Million Grant

Owlytics, smart watch sensor for senior care, $1.3 Million Grant


RenewSenses, assistive device for vision impaired, $148,000 SAFE


Zesty, cloud management and optimization, $6.6 Million Seed

Vanti Analytics, industrial focused AI-as-a-Service platform, $4.5 Million Seed

Listory, curated news app, $4 Million Seed

Konnecto, consumer marketing intelligence platform, $3.5 Million Seed

High Lander, autonomous drones fleet control software, $3 Million Seed

Mobility Insight, smart city traffic management analytics, $2 Million Seed

Propdo, property real estate analytics, $2 Million Seed

Fibo, employee tax refund service, $1.5 Million

InsightCat, full-stack IT and development monitoring, $1 Million

Modelity Marketplace, personalized financial products platform, Seed

QART Medical, characterization and selection of sperm cells in IVF, Seed+

Series A:

AI21 Labs, core AI development lab, $25 Million Series A

Obligo, deposit-free property rental platform, $15.5 Million Series A

BeyondMinds, AI-as-a-Service platform, $15 Million Series A

Glue, customer loyalty automation platform, $8 Million Series A

SiteAware, advanced riders assistance system (ARAS), $7 Million Series A

OutSense, toilet sensor for stool analysis, $2.2 Million Series A

Series B:

Percepto,  autonomous drone-in-a-box solution, $45 Million Series B

Cellwize, telecommunications RAN automation platform, $32 Million Series B

Intelligo, automated background check platform, $15 Million Series B

Lightico, digital customer interaction platform, $13 Million Series B

Series C:

Verbit, automated transcription service, $60 Million Series C

ControlUP, IT troubleshooting and remediation, $27 Million Series C

Caja Robotics, warehouse unit picking robots, $12 Million Series C

Series D:

Inuitive, 3D optimized multi-core processor, $106 Million Series D

K Health, telemedicine mobile app for primary care, $42 Million Series D

Series E:

CATO Networks, SD-WAN platform, $131 Million Series E

Forter, e-commerce fraud prevention platform, $125 Million Series E, logs analytics and management platform, $23 Million Series E

Series F:

SentinelOne, autonomous endpoint security platform, $267 Million Series F


SeeTree, tree crop farming intelligence and analytics, $3 Million Strategic

Funding Rounds

Senecio Robotics, mosquito sorting and packaging robot

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