Israeli AI Startup Funding Rounds of May 2020

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For the month of May 2020, Israel’s AI startups raised $416.8 million in private funding across 18 funding rounds, up from $195 million raised in May 2019, but tracking lower than the previous month’s total.

See the funding rounds listed below:


Alike, patient personal healthcare platform, $5 Million Seed Round

Immunai, immune system mapping, $20 Million Seed Round

Green-Eye Technology, selective spraying system for pest control, $7 Million Seed Round

Beehero, real-time bee pollination tracking and optimization, $4 Million Seed Round

Ermeticcloud access risk cyber security platform, $10 Million Seed Round

Series A:

D-IDfacial recognition privacy protection, $13.5 Million A Round

Newsight Imagingadvanced CMOS image sensor chips, $7 Million Series A Round

Shopicmobile camera grocery checkout platform, $7.6 Million Series A Round

Picosports fan engagement platform, $3 Million A Round

SourceDefensewebsite supply-chain security, $10.5 Million A+ Round

Series B:

Insitrodrug development and discovery, $143 Million B Round

Regulus Cybersatellite navigation and timing antivirus, $4 Million B Round

Xsight Labsdata center chipsets, $80 Million B Round

Zeitgoldautomated bookkeeping solutions, $29.2 Million B Round

Series C:

Nanitsmart baby sleep monitor camera, $21 Million C Round

LawGeexautomated contract review platform, $20 Million C Round

Fundboxsmall medium business credit financing, $20 Million C+ Round

Funding Round:

Accessibeweb accessibility solutions, $12 Million Funding Round

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