Israeli AI Startup Funding Rounds of March 2020

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For the month of March 2020, Israel’s AI startups raised $308 million in private funding across 11 funding rounds, up from $238 million raised in March 2019.

Viaride-sharing route optimization, $200 Million E Round

Anagogmobile-based hyper-personalized customer analysis, $10 Million C Round

Revuzeautomated customer opinion analysis, $5.1 Million A Round

TetaVihologram technology, $4 Million Seed Round

ePlanemarketplace for airplane parts sourcing, $9 Million Funding Round

Convizitwebsite user activity data analysis, $5 Million Seed Round

SpetzHR recruitment chatbot-based platform, $750,000 Pre-Seed Round

Superwise.aiAI model lifecycle management, $4.5 Million Seed Round

Oolodigital media revenue monitoring solution, $6 Million A Round

Urecsysbuilding control and regulation of air pollution, $4 Million Round

Hailodeep learning processor for edge devices, $60 Million B Round

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