For the month of June 2019, Israel’s AI startups raised $328 million in private funding, up from $180 million of the previous period.

For the first half of 2019 (H1), Israel’s AI startups have raised $1.65 billion in private funding across 86 deals.

As of June 28th 2019, Israel’s AI startups have raised $1.65 billion in private funding across 86 deals. Here’s the average deal sizes for the 2019 calendar year:

Seed – $3.6 million
A round – $15.3 million
B round – $20.8 million
C round – $46.3 million
D round – $156 million

Here’s the list of fundraising rounds for the month of June 2019:

DayTwo, gut microbiome analysis platform, $31 Million B Round

NeuroBlade, AI inference chip developer, $23 Million A Round

BrightWay Vision, multi-functional vision & ranging, $25 Million B Round

Ironscales, automated anti-phishing platform, $15 Million B Round

AnyVision, CCTV video recognition solution, $31 Million A+ Round

Sunbit, personalized retail payment financing, $26 Million B Round

Nym, autonomous medical coding, $6 Million Seed Round

ThetaRay, financial fraud cyber security, Strategic Round, automated test-case management, $10 Million B round

MDGO, vehicle passenger trauma analysis, $1 Million Strategic Round

Innoviz, solid-state LiDAR sensors and perception, $38 Million C+ Round

Legal Automation, legal document generator, $1.5 Million Seed Round

SentinelOne, automated endpoint cyber security, $120 Million D Round

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