Israeli AI Startup Funding Rounds of July 2020

Israeli AI Startup Funding Rounds of July 2020 Staff
August 1, 2020

For the month of July 2020, Israel’s AI startups raised $372 million in private funding across 23 funding rounds, tracking higher than the $327 million raised last month, but tracking lower than the total funding raised in July 2019.

Healthcare and Enterprise focused startups attracted the most investment activity, by deal count and total amount invested:

View the funding rounds of July 2020 below:


[elink url=””]Indoor Robotics[/elink], autonomous indoor drone for security and inspection tasks, $2.7 Million Grant

[elink url=””]Beewise[/elink], autonomous beehive and beekeeping container, $1 Million Grant


[elink url=””]StuffThatWorks[/elink], personal health knowledge platform, $9 Million Seed

[elink url=””]Valid Network[/elink], enterprise blockchain application cyber security, $6 Million Seed

[elink url=””]Env0[/elink], self-service cloud management software, $3.5 Million Seed+

[elink url=””]Gaviti[/elink], automated receivables collection platform, Seed

Series A:

[elink url=””]Ermetic[/elink], enterprise cloud infrastructure cyber security, $17.25 Million Series A

[elink url=””]Buildots[/elink], construction site process control platform, $13 Million Series A

[elink url=””]Epsagon[/elink], automated tracing for microservice environments, $13 Million Series A

[elink url=””]Novasight[/elink], eye tracking and paediatric vision care, $8 Million Series A

[elink url=””]SetSail[/elink], sales process behavior management platform, $7 Million Series A

[elink url=””]Nucleai[/elink], tumor and immunotherapy treatment prediction, $6.5 Million Series A

[elink url=””]Beewise[/elink], autonomous beehive and beekeeping container, $6.5 Million Series A

[elink url=””]Aura Smart Air[/elink], indoor air filter and disinfectant, $3 Million Series A

Series B:

[elink url=””]Explorium[/elink], dataset and feature discovery platform, $31 Million Series B

[elink url=””]XM Cyber[/elink], automated cyber breach and attack simulation, $17 Million Series B

[elink url=””]Belkin Laser[/elink], non-invasive glaucoma laser treatment, $12.25 Million Series B

Series C:

[elink url=””][/elink], conversation intelligence for enterprise sales calls, $45 Million Series C

[elink url=””]Taranis[/elink], drone and aerial based precision farming, $30 Million Series C

[elink url=””]Climacell[/elink], advanced weather forecasting data, $23 Million Series C

[elink url=””]Seebo[/elink], manufacturing predictive quality and yield solution, $9 Million Series C

Series D:

[elink url=””]Sight Diagnostics[/elink], blood count point-of-care device, $71 Million Series D

Funding Round:

[elink url=””]Ecoppia[/elink], solar panel cleaning robotic solution, $40 Million Staff Staff

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