Israeli AI Startup Funding Rounds of January 2020

For the month of January 2020, Israel’s AI startups raised $191.6 million in private funding across 22 funding rounds, down from $223 million raised in January 2019.

View the startup funding rounds and profiles below:

Clarifruitmobile based fruit quality detection, $2.5 Million Grant

Clarifruitmobile based fruit quality detection, $3.5 Million Seed Round

Sealightssoftware development quality intel platform, $8.6 Million B Round

Videocitesvideo tracking and copyright protection, Strategic Round

Pecan.aiDL predictive analytics as a service, $11 Million A Round

Grid4Csmart meter and IoT energy analytics solution, $6 Million B Round

Iguazioend-to-end ML data science platform, $24 Million Round

Movezmobile app for ball sports, Strategic Round

Agroscoutdetection of early stage crop diseases, Grant

MDI Healthpersonalized multi-drug medical treatment, Grant

HelpAroundpatient assistant for specialty therapies, $5 Million A Round

Placer.aiconsumer foot traffic analytics, $12 Million A Round

Vicariussoftware vulnerability exposure detection, $5 Million Seed Round

OncoHostproteomic based response prediction to cancer therapy, Grant

Minediscover and manage digital footprint, $3 Million Seed Round

Scalezconversational commerce platforms, $3 Million Seed Round

Epsagonautomated tracing for cloud microservices, $16 Million A Round

Clewmedical patient level predictive analytics, $10 Million B Round

Verbithuman-in-the-loop audio transcription, $31 Million B Round

VoiceFrontautomated voice commerce platform, Seed Round

Click-insvehicle damage detection and inspection, $1 Million Round

BigIDdata privacy (PII) compliance and protection, $50 Million C+ Round

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