For the month of December 2019, Israel’s AI startups raised $272 million in private funding, up from $177 million of the previous period.

For the 2019 year, Israel’s AI startups raised $4.58 billion in private funding across 205 deals, up from $2.75 billion across 219 deals of 2018.

View the startup funding round and profiles below:

Owlytics, senior care wearable monitor and analytics, $4 Million A Round

Litigate.aiAI-powered claims analysis, $3.5 Million Seed+ Round

Arbe4D imaging RADAR for autonomous vehicles, $32 Million C Round

Gloatemployee-to-opportunity matching marketplace, $25 Million B Round

PlayerMakerfootball sensors for players’ cleats, $10 Million B Round

AuguryIIoT machine-health acoustic based monitor, $8 Million C+ Round

Vocalis Healthvoice based respiratory / cardiac diseases, $9 Million Round

Sprouttlife insurance policy platform, $12 Million A Round

RezilionDevOps cloud cyber security solution, $8 Million Seed Round

WalkmeAI based digital adoption platform, $90 Million H Round

Pixellotsports video production solution, $3.3 Million Strategic Round

Nanoscentindustrial scent recognition platform, $2 Million Strategic Round

iMedisCT deep learning detection platform, $1.3 Million Crowdfunding Round

Gong.ioenterprise sales conversation intelligence, $65 Million C Round

ARpalusAR and computer vision retail shelf monitoring, Seed Round

Voiceablewebsite voice assistant for discovery and support, Seed Round

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