Israeli AI Startup Funding Rounds of April 2020

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For the month of April 2020, Israel’s AI startups raised $472.8 million in private funding across 22 funding rounds, down from $577 million raised in April 2019, although up in deal volume from 20 deals.

Nexar, AI powered automotive dashcam, $52 Million C Round

Zero Energy Solutions, indoor climate automation, $5.3 Million A Round

Scopio Labs, computational microscopy based diagnostics, $16 Million B Round

Codota, AI IDE pair programming, $12 Million A Round

Corsight AIface-obstructed facial recognition, $5 Million Seed Round

XRHealthVR/AR telehealth for therapeutic applications, $7 Million B Round

Datosautomated healthcare remote care platform, $7 Million A Round

Env0cloud management for IaC architecture, $3.3 Million Seed Round

Arti.tvAR video content creation tool, $4 Million Seed Round

MyndYouneuro-impaired cognitive decline prevention , $4 Million A Round

Autofleetfleet management and optimization solution, A Round

Anodotautonomous business analytics & monitoring, $35 Million C Round

Juganusmart edge LED lighting solutions, $18 Million C Round

BioCatchbehavioral biometrics for fraud prevention, $145 Million C Round

Urecsysbuilding air pollution control & regulation, $3 Million Seed+ Round

Tonkeanno-code automated workflow platform, $24 Million A Round

TytoCaretelehealth medical exam kit and app, $50 Million D Round

CyberMDXhealthcare cyber intelligence solution, $20 Million B Round

Glassboxcustomer digital interactions analysis, $40 Million C Round

Kryon Systemsintelligent RPA for enterprise, $15 Million Funding Round

ConcertioAI-powered performance optimization, $4.2 Million Seed Round

Hotelmizehotel booking price prediction for re-sellers, B Round

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