Israel Computer Vision Startup Landscape of 2019

Israel's Computer Vision Startup Landscape 2019

The Computer Vision startup ecosystem of Israel has raised $2.9 billion in cumulative funding to date and is a driving force in Israel’s Artificial Intelligence ecosystem. The infographic above depicts Israel’s Computer Vision startups by the vertical in which they operate.

Here’s the top highlights of Israel’s Computer Vision startup ecosystem to date:

  1. There are over 245 active startups utilizing or developing Computer Vision technologies, of which 150 startups have raised one or more funding rounds. Since 2014, an average of 35 startups are established annually.
  2. Computer Vision startups raised $892 million funds in 2018, across 69 deals, up 10% from 2017.
  3. 71% of AI startups offer software-based solutions, while 29% offer a mixed offering of hardware and software.
  4. 75% of startups are business-facing (B2B), while 25% are consumer-facing (B2C).
  5. Cumulative Israeli Computer Vision startup exits total nearly $1.9 billion over 19 exits. Over the last five years, Computer Vision startup exits averaged $102 million per deal and sell for 8.8 times their total funding at the date of exit. On average, Computer Vision startups raised $16 million before exiting.
  6. The typical startup takes 7.6 years to exit following their establishment.
  7. In 2018, OurCrowd ranked as the most active investor in Computer Vision startups in Israel with 9 total investments, followed by Maniv Mobility and Vertex Ventures. MizMaa Ventures, TheTime and Viola Ventures followed.
  8. The most concentrated sub-sector of the computer vision startup ecosystem is the computer vision technology stack with 58 startups and $500 million in combined funding. Healthcare (45 startups with $415 million), automotive (35 startups with $760 million) and agriculture (18 startups with $76 million) sub-sectors of computer vision startups followed.

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Daniel Singer
Daniel is the founder and editor of He covers Israel’s AI ecosystem developments through startup interviews and sector analyses.

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