24 AI Consulting and Development Service Providers in Israel

As Israel is categorically a global hub for Artificial Intelligence (AI), it boasts a large group of service providers offering consulting and custom development of AI technologies. These vendors enable corporations, SMEs and startups alike with AI features to kickstart or enhance their existing offerings.

The services provided range from software to hardware consulting, from research and conception of algorithms or design to implementation. AI technology consulting ranges from machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and hardware design and verification (FPGA, ASIC).

If you’re an investor seeking due diligence services for an AI startup, or you’re a new AI startup in need of assistance in developing your POC, these custom AI consulting vendors are here to be your AI brain power. And rather than knocking on the door of the typical general strategy consulting brands, subscribe to the deep-tech, expert AI vendors, after all, the general strategy consultants will contract these vendors.

Pro Insight: the staff of these consultancies often develop skills and know-how across a diverse range of AI technologies and mandates, in turn, honing their skills and profile into highly sought after talent. Or the staff of consultancies generally start startups shortly thereafter (investors take note).

Here’s a list of 24 Israeli AI service and consulting vendors to help you bring AI to your business, or even enhance your existing offering, listed in alphabetical order (search our database of AI consulting and development groups here):

AI Factory

Founded: 2018
CEO: Sarit Tamir
Contact: info@aifactory.co.il
Team: 1

We, in AI Factory, believe that Artificial Intelligence should be available to everybody. Our goal is to make AI simpler and therefore more accessible. Lack of time or knowledge should not stop anyone from taking a project or even an idea to the next level and apply the techniques of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

AlephZero Consulting

Founded: 2018
CEO: Nir Regev
Contact: nir@alephzero.ai
Team: 4

We’re a team of engineers striving to make a difference through technology. We take on the most complicated, and intractable technology problems. Our mission is to provide our customers with extreme value by taking on the toughest engineering problems in the fields of deep learning, computer vision, RADAR/LIDAR vision, signal processing, FPGA and ASIC design and prototyping and more.


Founded: 2018
CEO: Ron Assa
Contact: rona@analytika.io
Team: 1

We are a boutique consulting firm, specializing in data technologies and advanced analytics. We are top-level data professionals well experienced in the design, implementation, and management of high-performance technology solutions that scale reliably. At Analytika, we believe that data-driven decision making is key to success, particularly in today’s fast-paced, ultra-competitive landscape. We iterate quickly and make a point of staying ahead of the curve on industry trends and developments.

Beyond Minds

Founded: 2018
CEO: Rotem Alaluf
Contact: rotem@beyondminds.net
Team: 5
Address: 144, Menachem Begin Road, Tel-Aviv

BeyondMinds provides high-end Machine Learning & Deep Learning planning  and algorithm development services to assist enterprises to cope with their most challenging problems. Based on a unique working methodology we combine cutting-edge research with focused, ROI-driven solutions.


Founded: 2012
CEO: Adar Shomron
Team: 9
Address: Aluf David St 163, Ramat Gan

BIyond is a professional services company with extensive experience in the domains of BI, Big Data and Analytics. We help companies generate more business value from their data. Our experts bring to the table a proven track record of many years in various industry sectors, covering both the technological and the business-related aspects of making the most out of data. BIyond’s experienced Data Science team is capable of handling any business-case end-to-end, using a variety of models, techniques and technologies for storing, processing and visualizing data. Examples include Social Networks Analysis, Semantic Web Processing, Text Mining, and more. We offer consulting, hands-on solution implementation and also Data Science courses – for both business and tech teams.

Copula AI

Founded: 2018
CEO: Matan Safriel
Contact: matan@copula.ai
Team: 1
Address: 3 Rapaport St., Kfar Saba, Israel

Copula AI is a bootstrap company located in Israel, providing solutions in Natural Language Processing and related areas. We provide production grade solutions tailored to meet your exact scenarios, based on the most recent advances in the domain, which tend to work better than products sold by big vendors. We also provide services in AI-laden design, management of AI programs and creating roadmaps for AI.


Founded: 2018
CEO: Gil Mechaly-Segal
Contact: Gil@coreai.ai
Team: 2

The need for Big Data analysis is rapidly increasing, the number of companies using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for insight is rising, from retail, fintech, e-commerce and more. Even non-hi-tech companies use AI to find business insight from their data, personalizing their advertising campaigns and optimizing business procedures. But this requires to hire and manage a group of engineers to ask and answer the right questions. As a group of computer scientists and mathematicians with Big Data and Business orientation, we will assist you to transform your data into profit as part of our professional services and support your company to leverage Data Science and Machine learning.

Data Science Group

Founded: 2015
CEO: Elan Sasson
Contact: elan@datascience.co.il
Team: 17

DSG is a multidisciplinary group that specializes in the use of scientific tools and methodologies to extract and utilize knowledge and insights from information (data) in various formats employed by organizations and companies. We focus on varied methods of data analysis, such as supervised/unsupervised machine learning, and structured/unstructured data formats implementing data mining, text mining and graph mining algorithms. We provide a unique combination of specialities, with experts and researchers from different fields, each with extensive academic background, hands-on practical orientation, and many years of experience in the industry.

Deeper Labs

Founded: 2018
CEO: Matan Sela
Contact: matan@deeper-labs.com
Team: 1
Address: 3 Rapaport St., Kfar Saba, Israel

Advanced technological solutions in the fields of Deep Learning as a part of Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Natural Language …


Founded: 2016
CEO: Lior Shkiller
Contact: lior@deep-solutions.net
Team: 3
Address: Rothschild Blvd 122, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Deep Solutions delivers end to end software solutions based on deep learning innovative algorithms for computer vision, natural language processing, anomaly detection, recommendation systems and more.


Founded: 2007
CEO: Ronen Horovitz
Contact: ronen@eyecue-tech.com
Team: 1
Address: 13 Hatnufa St, Yokneam 20692

EyeCue is a leading technology company located in Yokneam, Israel. Since 2007, EyeCue develops original and custom vision recognition based solutions for toys and games based on the most recognized brands around the world. The development team is a mix of talented algorithm specialists. World-renowned toy, game and education companies turn to EyeCue for its superior and insanely robust solutions. We have a dedicated team of experts working on every single object that needs to be recognized, fully optimizing and customizing our algorithms in our unique lab to create the best in class recognition library for those objects, perfecting the recognition rate to no less than 100% positive recognition with 0% false rate. We always make sure the recognition is robust in every possible lighting conditions combinations so it can work under any lighting type, lighting color, etc… even under complete darkness.


Founded: 1995
CEO: Zvi Netzer
Address: 11 Moshe Sne st., Haifa

FCD is a leader in providing services in Machine learning, ASIC and FPGA logic design, and ASIC and FPGA functional verification. In the last 22 years, many tens of companies have used our services and we are proud to be part of their success. We have done for customers things they did not believe are possible. FCD engineers are experienced in ASIC/FPGA design and verification in different domains, including Video cameras and processing, Ethernet and other communication standards, medical equipment and more. In the last years as machine learning is accelerating, FCD allocated engineers specializing in Deep Learning, computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning. Extending the number of services FCD offers its customers.

Infinita Big Data

Founded: 2016
CEO: Royi Itzhak
Team: 6
Address: Pri Megadim 13, Jerusalem, Israel

At Infinita our business is data​: Collecting, processing, storing, and most important understanding and acting upon it. Our specialties are Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and we provide end-to-end solutions using cutting edge technologies to provide high reliability, fast performance and scalability. In the field of machine learning our expertise stretch across a wide range of domains: Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Signal Processing, Networks Theory, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Anomaly Detection, Cyber Security, Feature selection and Optimization.

Maor Zaltzhendler

Founded: 2015
CEO: Maor Zaltzhendler
Contact: maorzalt@gmail.com
Team: 1

Consulting SMBs and multinational corporations on Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Data Analysis and Medical imaging.


Founded: 2010
CEO: Shlomo Yona
Contact: shlomo@mathematica.ai
Team: 3
Address: Nachal Meshushim 12, Kfar Yona

We provide applied algorithmic research services. Basically, we’re brains for hire. We also are very good in execution, so, depending on the need we can also take our work all the way to production and further, whether we do it all or guide and escort your R&D team. We help startup companies and large corporations to solve hard problems, provide insights on solutions, provide architecture and strategies or just give tutorials and workshops and answer questions. We also do data analysis, build models, create PoCs, and contribute to our customer’s intellectual property, sometimes even work on patenting the work we do for them.

Razor Labs

Founded: 2016
CEO: Raz Roditti
Contact: raz@razor-labs.com
Team: 28
Address: Hanehoshet 3, Tel Aviv, Israel

Razor Labs is a leader in the AI industry and is your partner on the journey for ROI from AI. We work day and night to empower enterprises to reap the benefits arising out of the AI revolution. Deep Learning technologies are in the heart of everything we do, transforming seas of data into insights that support your corporate objectives. Razor Labs is a trusted AI partner of MNCs companies, creating visionary breakthroughs together with world leaders in numerous fields, using the Israeli innovation and commando spirit. Together we will exceed human-level accuracy. This is the kind of promise we stand behind.  Their offerings are dedicated to comprehension (Vision, audio, and language) and Analytics: (Data and predictive analytics).

RSIP Vision

Founded: 1987
CEO: Ron Soferman
Contact: ron@rsipvision.com
Team: 32
Address: King George St 16, Jerusalem, Israel

RSIP Vision provides Computer Vision and Image Processing consulting and algorithms for the broadest range of activity sectors: from precision agriculture to medical applications (cardiology, pulmonology, ophthalmology and others); from microscopy image analysis to OCR, semiconductors, classification and all kind of machine learning projects. Our engineers are experts in artificial intelligence, deep learning and all the most advanced computer vision techniques.


Founded: 2009
CEO: Chen Sagiv and Nizan Sagiv
Contact: nizan@sagivtech.com
Team: 14
Address: Hatidhar st.16, Industrial Area, Ra’anana, Israel

SagivTech specializes in Core General Purpose GPU solutions for image processing and other high performance applications, Migration of high performance applications to parallel computing platforms and GPU, Image and signal processing outsourcing projects, and Training in the fields of image processing, Machine Learning and GPU Computing video technologies and General Purpose GPU. With a team of highly skilled and professional image and signal processing experts, GPU Computing professionals and SW developers, SagivTech is known for its innovative technology and smooth, efficient applicability. SagivTech is also known for hosting the reputable Computer Vision Conference in Israel, highlighting and showcasing advancements in the field of computer vision, (see here for the 2019 conference).


Founded: 2016
CEO: Gidi Shperber
Contact: shgidi@gmail.com
Team: 2
Address: King George St 16, Jerusalem, Israel

We help companies to plan,design and implement various data science projects. Among others:
– Recommender systems
– Computer Vision
– Customer Analysis
– Text Analysis
We also engage in consulting optimal data infrastructure, visualization projects, and strategic datapipeline planning.

Sogo Services

Founded: 2015
CEO: Gil Messerman
Contact:  gilm@sogoservices.com
Team: 8
Address: 114 Derech Menachem Begin, Tel-Aviv , Israel

Sogo Services is a privately owned company providing a variety of professional software engineering services, in a wide spectrum of verticals and segments. Sogo Services offers software engineering services involving advanced analytics, image and video analysis, any-scale scalable, resilient and reliable cloud-based systems, IoT, Fintech, real-time, advanced location and tracking.

Tensor Technologies

Founded: 2018
CEO: Lihu Berman
Contact: avidor@tensor-tech.co.il
Team: 2
Address: Horesh HaAlonim St 12 Ramat Yishai

We provide development of algorithms for image processing, optimization, artificial intelligence and statistics, together with complementary optical design, electronics and mechanics. Our capabilities are perfect for companies looking to outsource complex, multi-discipline product development. The company has developed a vast portfolio of products for the security, medical, quality assurance, manufacturing, traffic control and marketing industries. We are versatile and able to quickly provide solutions in nearly any field.


Founded: 2012
CEO: Liore Pasco
Contact:  liorep@vidu-tech.com
Team: 4
Address: HaTa’asia 21 St., Ra’anana, Israel

We provide development of algorithms for image processing, optimization, artificial intelligence and statistics, together with complementary optical design, electronics and mechanics. Our capabilities are perfect for companies looking to outsource complex, multi-discipline product development. The company has developed a vast portfolio of products for the security, medical, quality assurance, manufacturing, traffic control and marketing industries. We are versatile and able to quickly provide solutions in nearly any field.

Volume Elements

Founded: 2018
Contact: info@volumeelements.com
Team: 8
Address: 3 Rapaport St., Kfar Saba, Israel

Volume Elements specializes in computer vision and deep learning, providing research and development algorithm services, tailored to the customer’s needs. Our clients come from a wide range of sectors, including medical imaging, homeland security, satellite and aerial imaging, consumer and industrial inspection and more. Specialties: artificial intelligence and deep learning, computer vision, image and video processing, 3D modeling.

*Disclaimer: StartupHub.ai has no connection to any vendor listed above in any form and does not endorse the quality of services by any vendor listed above.

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