Is it the Right Time to Use Technology to Improve the World?

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"AI is in the hands of an elite class of profit-making corporations, who mainly use it to get us Homo sapiens to click on ads and to feed our addiction to online media" said Prof. Yuval Noah Harari. Beyond Sense decided to use it for creating good in the world.

Beyond Sense has begun several pilots, allowing neighborhood cafes and virtually every physical store to benefit from trade giants’ technologies. While online stores enjoy the analytics tools that help them learn about their customers, their usage and shopping habits, physical stores are left behind and excluded from the analytical feast. The Israeli startup, Beyond Sense, had focused on helping them fight online stores and websites such as Amazon, and does so with ‘Amazonian’ methods.

Providing online capabilities to offline stores, Beyond Sense allowed physical store owners to enjoy capabilities that were previously reserved for online stores. Providing real-time alerts like customer’s store visit history; the number of unique customers; audience analysis; identifying age groups; and purchase patterns and history.

But then the founders pivoted. Observing the Covid-19 pandemic, Beyond Sense decided to use their agile technology to improve the elderly community and their families’ lives.

If asked to raise your hand if you would like to care even more about your parents, it would be a unanimous vote; caring for our parents is of most importance to each one of us.

However, the elderly are being deceived and abused; they wait, countless times, for care, and sometimes those care-takers operate with violence and recklessness. Moreover, elderly falls are frequent, often leaving them unable to call for help, and according to professionals, loneliness is the most harmful disease among the elderly.

Beyond Sense uses its technology to protect the elderly and improve their wellness. Using a non-image recognition sensor, they track motion, analyze video, collect data that uncovers abnormalities and prevents deterioration. They do all that while not transmitting any videos to the cloud, thereby maintaining our parents’ privacy (and dignity).

They use a unique approach that enables the families to have peace of mind while keeping our parents safer. Notices are sent when strangers arrive and detections of risks of falling, and alerts are triggered if the care-taker arrives late.

Based on the data collected, deterioration is tracked and scored, helping healthcare personnel take action according to data. Measuring loneliness, depression, and visitor hours and informing you regarding changes that need care-takers input and your intervention.

The decision to pivot came from reasons attributed to the global pandemic reasons and the founders’ personal experiences.

As Prof. Yuval Noah Harari wrote, “AI is in the hands of an elite class of profit-making corporations, who mainly use it to get us Homo sapiens to click on ads and to feed our addiction to online media.” Rather, Beyond Sense has decided to use AI for creating good.

About Beyond Sense

We improve our parents’ lives and provide them with a safer environment, calmness, comfort, and better care. It’s our passion. Combining behavioral models, psychological theories, and AI, we provide the elderly and their families with safer and better lives. Our technology improves our parents’ lives and provides them with a safer environment, calmness, comfort, and better care without changing their habits.

Learn more about Beyond Sense here.

AAL Age-Tech AI Assisted Living Beyond Sense

Beyond Sense

Online tactics to improve the offline world using our technology to provide personalization. Use expertise and agility to adapt efficiently, and leverage technology improving lives. Beyond Sense fights loneliness, prevents deterioration both physical and mental. We are providing the Elderly with Safety while bringing peace of mind to the families. We do that by using a Biometric individual recognition system that keeps our loved ones’ privacy and dignity. We are generating powerful insights about deterioration, fall prevention, loneliness, and caretaker actions to improve elderly wellness and longevity.

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