IronScales Announces Generative AI ChatGPT Integration to Upgrade Email Security

llm generative ai for email phishing. Credit -
llm generative ai for email phishing. Credit -

Cloud email security startup, IRONSCALES, introduced Themis Co-pilot for Microsoft Outlook in beta form. This self-service threat reporting chatbot, the first in a suite of AI apps for email security, utilizes a Generative AI model known as PhishLLM for email phishing security.

The announcement comes at a time when BEC and other advanced phishing attacks are increasing significantly. According to a report by Osterman Research, large organizations are expecting a 43% increase in BEC attacks in the next year. Moreover, the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (2023) found that 74% of breaches involved a human element.

Themis Co-pilot aims to enhance cyber resilience in organizations by empowering individuals across roles and skill levels to detect and counteract phishing attempts. The use of Generative AI can help democratize email security, reduce false positive reports, and automatically address emerging zero-day threats.

IRONSCALES, having developed the industry’s first AI-powered security analyst, Themis AI, combines artificial intelligence and human insights to detect and remediate phishing attempts.


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