IRONSCALES and SQream Launch New Generative AI Features

ironscales and sqream release generative ai features.

Israeli startups IRONSCALES and SQream have unveiled new Generative AI features to enhance data analytics and email security.

SQream’s AI-Powered Business Intelligence

SQream introduced the AI Flex Connector helper for its Panoply platform, leveraging Generative AI to streamline the path to business intelligence. Users can now consolidate data from various sources, such as CRMs and user applications, into a unified platform, and thereby minimizing technical barriers.

Panoply’s Flex Connector, which debuted in April 2023, already offered flexibility by supporting connections to any RestAPI or GraphQL data source. The new Generative AI helper takes this a step further by automating the often tedious process of navigating API documents.

The feature’s engine is the Open AI LLM models, hosted on Microsoft Azure and built atop the LangChain framework, ensuring adaptability for future advancements.

IRONSCALES Bolsters Email Security

IRONSCALES announced its GPT-powered Phishing Simulation Testing (PST) designed to combat the surge in socially engineered cyberattacks. Additionally, their accidental data exposure (ADE) feature ensures users act judiciously before sending sensitive information via email, fortifying outbound email protection. This follows their June announcement of the Themis Co-Pilot for Outlook.

According to IRONSCALES’ CEO, Eyal Benishti, human error is implicated in over 73% of data breaches. Their blend of adaptive AI and a human-centric approach is instrumental bolstering email and organizational security at large.

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