IO River Secures $5.4 Million to Unify CDNs Networks

io river raises seed

IO River emerged from stealth mode with $5.4 million in seed funding, led by S Capital, with participation from angel investors Aryeh Mergi and Ronni Zehavi.

Their multi-CDN-as-a-Service platform aims to consolidate various content delivery networks (CDNs) into a single, cohesive network, enhancing the speed, reliability, and cost-efficiency of content distribution without introducing additional latency.

Traditionally, companies rely on singular CDNs, which can vary in pricing, performance, and capabilities based on geographic location, and are vulnerable to outages. IO River’s platform facilitates seamless operation across multiple edge platforms, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. By processing over 100 petabytes of traffic monthly, the company demonstrates its capability to handle vast amounts of data, offering a robust solution that promises to improve performance by up to 50% and reduce delivery costs by up to 40%.

The platform’s innovative approach allows companies to easily integrate and manage multiple edge networks, creating a “super-network” that feels like a single entity. This is achieved through a unified user interface and API, simplifying the process of adding or migrating vendors without cumbersome configuration processes. Organizations can now define rules that optimize performance and cost based on user location, type of traffic, and other criteria, ensuring that content is delivered efficiently and cost-effectively.

The startup distinguishes itself by providing consistent application services across various edge vendors, including web application firewall (WAF), rate limiting, traffic control, and edge computing, thereby enhancing the security and functionality of content delivery.

Founded in 2022 by Edward Tsinovoi and Michael Hakimi, IO River aims to empower organizations with the best possible blend of speed, reliability, and cost, all within a simplified, integrated context.

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