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I started Zeev Ventures with the idea of combining the best of both the VC and Angel Investing worlds. I see myself as privileged to work for and support the founders who chose me to back them. Technically, Zeev Ventures is a VC fund, which invests $1-$20M per round and continues to support the companies in subsequent rounds. At the same time, unlike a typical VC firm of a comparable size, I dont employ any associates, principals, or staff. I do not have partners or partner meetings. No LP meetings. No processes. No investment committees or memos. Nada. Nothing that wastes the most precious resource – a Founders time. Its just me and my total commitment to bring my time, network, experience, and hustle to the table, to support Founders in their journey towards building companies that transform their respective industries.

Oren ZeevPartner, Board Member and Board Observer1
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
LiblabActive2022Enterprise, Open Source, Development$50M
The company logo of TrustmiTrustmiActive2021Fintech, Fraud, Payments, Cyber Security$17M
The logo of SentraSentraActive2021Enterprise, Cyber Security, Data Protection$53M
The logo of ExodigoExodigoActive2021Technology, Imaging, 3D Imaging, Subsurface, Gas and Oil, Non-invasive, Industrial, Mining, 3D Mapping$41M
ㅤCompany NameRoundDateInvestors
The company logo of TrustmiTrustmiSeries AJuly 20235
The logo of SentraSentraSeries AFebruary 20237
ShipIn SystemsSeries AOctober 20224
NavanSeries GOctober 20228
GroundcoverSeries ASeptember 20224
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
Sequoia CapitalVenture Capital197238
Viola VenturesVenture Capital200057
Pitango Venture CapitalVenture Capital199357
AlephVenture Capital201346
Battery VenturesVenture Capital198343

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Zeev Ventures

ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
LiblabActiveEnterprise, Open Source, Development$50M220.0%
The company logo of TrustmiTrustmiActiveFintech, Fraud, Payments, Cyber Security$17M370.0%
The logo of SentraSentraActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Data Protection$53M8015.2%
The logo of ExodigoExodigoActiveTechnology, Imaging, 3D Imaging, Subsurface, Gas and Oil, Non-invasive, Industrial, Mining, 3D Mapping$41M9515.8%
Reco LabsActiveData, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Data Leakage Prevention$30M539.2%
Riverside.fmActivePodcast, Media$47M17212.4%
UP9ActiveCloud, Microservices, Test Automation, Enterprise, Development, DevOps, Kubernetes30.0%
GrowthSpaceActiveEnterprise, Recruitment, HR$44M39416.0%
TreeverseActiveTechnology, Data, Data Lake$23M28-5.5%
JusttActiveFintech, Credit, Chargebacks$70M120-2.0%
FireboltActiveTechnology, AI Enablers, Data, Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Cloud$264M1630.3%
EquitybeeActiveFintech, Stock Options$83.1M92-4.0%
ShipIn SystemsActiveMaritime, Shipping and Logistics$24M378.6%
FlipOSActiveProptech, Real Estate, Platform, Renovation, Finance, Lending$300M794.0%
ExploriumActiveTechnology, AI Enablers, Data Enrichment, Data$125.1M122-5.2%
SunbitActiveFintech, Payments, Credit$409M3612.4%
TuvisActiveEnterprise, CRM, Automation, Customer Intelligence, Customer Engagement$11M35-5.8%
VFunctionActiveEnterprise, Development, Code, Cloud, Microservices$38.2M381.3%
proteanTecsActiveTechnology, Hardware, Chip, Inspection, Predictive Maintenance, IP$190M2146.4%
Next InsuranceActiveFintech, Insurance, Insurance Carrier$881M6851.3%
Uniper CareActiveHealthcare, Senior Care, Assistant, Telehealth, Content, Mobile$21.5M64-2.5%
Hippo InsurancePublicInsurance, Fintech, Home$720.1M6021.7%
DataRailsActiveFintech, Accounting$105M163-0.8%
The logo of RealiRealiInactiveProptech, Real Estate$289M1560.0%
NavanActiveEnterprise, Travel$1.31B2177363.8%
ImubitActiveIndustrial, Optimization, Gas and Oil, Energy, Chemical, Plants$50M1593.2%
FieldinActiveAgritech, Farm Management$55M122-1.4%
TipaltiActiveFintech, Enterprise, Accounting, Invoice, Accounts Payable, Remittance, Payments$703M1017-0.5%
The logo of HouzzHouzzActiveProptech, Design, Home$448.6M16270.0%
The logo of DudaDudaActive Website, Development, Internet$91.3M3560.0%

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