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Viola Ventures is committed to investing in startups and empowering them to become global category leaders. With over $1B managed across five funds, Viola Ventures is led by a team of 6 investment partners dedicated solely to early-stage tech investments (seed, A and B).

With a 20-year legacy in Israels vibrant technology ecosystem, Viola Ventures is known for repeatedly backing global tech companies and unicorns, such as ironSource, Payoneer, Lightricks, Redis Labs, and Outbrain. The fund holds a substantial share of Israels significant exits, including Actimize, RedBend, ECI, Samanage, Perfecto, Tapingo, and more.

Viola Ventures invests in exceptional teams with a strong focus on AI technologies looking to transform traditional markets, the semiconductors and deeptech industries, and consumer facing products.

We invest across a number of key market segments including Enterprise Infrastructure & Applications, FinTech, Frontier & Deep Technologies (automotive, IOT, AR/VR, drones), Robotics and Consumer Services.

Uri LampertPrincipal, Board Member and Board Observer
Yael AlroyPartner and Board Observer1
Zvika OrronGeneral Partner and Board Member1
Ronen NirGeneral Partner and Board Member1
Shlomo DovratGeneral Partner and Board Member1
Omry Ben DavidGeneral Partner, Board Member and Board Observer1
Avi ZeeviGeneral Partner and Board Member1
Lama AILama AIActive2022
Panjaya AIPanjaya AIActive2021
Lin HealthLin HealthActive2021
Pagaya InvestmentsPagaya InvestmentsPublic2016
Parallel MAcquired2014
Origami LogicOrigami LogicAcquired2011
4M Analytics4M AnalyticsActive2011
Pyramid AnalyticsPyramid AnalyticsActive2008
PhaseVPhaseV SeedOctober 2023$15MViola Ventures, Exor Seeds, LionBird, GETTY
HyperGuestHyperGuest Series AJuly 2023$23MLightspeed Venture Partners, Viola Ventures, Thayer Ventures
FayeFaye Series AMay 2023$10MMunich Re Ventures, Viola Ventures, F2 Venture Capital, Menora Insurance Company, Mike Nelson
DuettiDuetti Series AMay 2023$32MViola Ventures, Viola Credit, Roc Nation, Untitled Investments, Presight Capital
VolumezVolumez Series AApril 2023$20MKoch Disruptive Technologies, Viola Ventures, Pitango Venture Capital
AddressableAddressable SeedJanuary 2023$7.5MViola Ventures, Fabric Ventures, Mensch Capital Partners, North Island Ventures
nsKnoxnsKnox Series AJanuary 2023$17MLink Ventures, Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services, M12, Viola Ventures, Alon Cohen Funding RoundNovember 2022$8.2MBOWE Group, State of Mind Ventures, NFX, Viola Ventures
Lama AILama AI SeedOctober 2022$9MViola Ventures, Hetz Ventures, Foundation Capital, SixThirty, Shai Stern, Nathaniel Harley, Elad Tsur
TrigoTrigo Funding RoundOctober 2022$100MTemasek, 83North, SAP SE, Hetz Ventures, Red Dot Capital Partners, Vertex Ventures, Viola Ventures, REWE Group
4M Analytics4M Analytics Series ASeptember 2022$30MInsight Partners, ITI Venture Capital Partners, Viola Ventures, F2 Venture Capital, Noam Bardin, Nir Erez
TaranisTaranis Series DSeptember 2022$40MInven Capital, Seraphim Capital, Farglory Group, Vertex Growth, Viola Ventures, Vertex Ventures, La Maison Partners, Hitachi Ventures, K3 Ventures, UMC Capital, OurCrowd, Micron Ventures, iAngels, Presidio Ventures, Cavallo Ventures, Finistere Ventures, Eyal Gura
LandaLanda Series ASeptember 2022$25M83North, NFX, Viola Ventures
GuestyGuesty Series EAugust 2022$170MSixth Street, MSD, Apax Partners, Flashpoint Venture Capital, Viola Ventures
GuestyGuesty Secondary TransactionAugust 2022Sixth Street, MSD, Apax Partners, Viola Ventures, Flashpoint Venture Capital
FayeFaye SeedMay 2022$8MPortage Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Omri Casspi, F2 Venture Capital, Viola Ventures
DataGenDataGen Series BMarch 2022$50MScale Venture Partners, TLV Partners, Viola Ventures, Spider Capital
OneLayerOneLayer SeedMarch 2022$8.2MGrove Ventures, Viola Ventures, Avi Shua, Ariel Zeitlin, Gonen Fink, Nitzan Shapira, Ran Ribenzaft
CardinalOpsCardinalOps Series AMarch 2022$17.5MBattery Ventures, Glilot Capital Partners, Symbol, Viola Ventures
PersoneticsPersonetics Funding RoundJanuary 2022$85MThoma Bravo, Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Warburg Pincus, Nyca Partners, Viola Ventures
PlainIDPlainID Series CDecember 2021$75MInsight Partners, Viola Ventures, Itai Tsiddon, INCapital Ventures, Capri Ventures, iAngels, Springtide Ventures, Vintage Investment Partners
PayZenPayZen Series ANovember 2021$15MSignalFire, 7wire Ventures, Viola Ventures, Picus Capital, Link Ventures
ImmunaiImmunai Series BOctober 2021$215MKoch Disruptive Technologies, 8VC, Alexandria Venture Investments, Viola Ventures, Piedmont, ICON
SpeedataSpeedata Series ASeptember 2021$55MWalden Catalyst Ventures, 83North, Koch Disruptive Technologies, Pitango Venture Capital, Viola Ventures
4M Analytics4M Analytics Series AAugust 2021$11MViola Ventures, F2 Venture Capital, Rami Beracha, Eyal Gabay
SorbetSorbet SeedJune 2021$15MGroup 11, Global Founders Capital, Viola Ventures, Meron Capital
VerbitVerbit Series DJune 2021$157MClaltech, Sapphire Ventures, Third Point Ventures, Stripes, Vertex Ventures, Viola Ventures, HV Capital, Vertex Growth, Oryzn Capital, Lion Investment Partners, More Investment House, Azura, ICON
SorbetSorbet SeedApril 2021$6MViola Ventures, Meron Capital, Global Founders Capital
DataGenDataGen Series AMarch 2021$15MTLV Partners, Viola Ventures, Spider Capital, Gal Chechik, Anthony Goldbloom, Trevor Darrell, Michael J. Black
PliopsPliops Series CFebruary 2021$65MKoch Disruptive Technologies, Nvidia, Viola Ventures, Intel Capital, SoftBank Ventures Asia, Expon Capital, Western Digital Capital, Xilinx, Sweetwood Capital, State of Mind Ventures
PayZenPayZen SeedFebruary 2021$5MViola Ventures, Picus Capital, TWO39 Ventures
ImmunaiImmunai Series AFebruary 2021$60MTLV Partners, Viola Ventures, Catalio Capital Management, Dexcel Pharma, Duquesne Family, Schusterman Family Investments
Lin HealthLin Health SeedJanuary 2021$4.2MViola Ventures, aMoon
ListoryListory SeedNovember 2020$4MViola Ventures, Globis Capital, Rhodium
CellwizeCellwize Series BNovember 2020$32MIntel Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Samsung NEXT, Verizon Ventures, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, Viola Ventures, Vintage Investment Partners, Bright Pixel Capital, GreenApple
SyteSyte Series COctober 2020$30MViola Ventures, MizMaa Ventures, La Maison Partners, LG Technology Ventures, Magma Venture Partners, Naver Corporation, Commerce Ventures, Storm Ventures, AxessVentures, Remagine Ventures, KDC Media Fund Series AOctober 2020$4MNFX, Viola Ventures, State of Mind Ventures
EverCEverC Series BSeptember 2020$35MRed Dot Capital Partners, Maor Investments, Viola Ventures, Joey Low, Arbor Ventures, American Express Ventures
proteanTecsproteanTecs Series CAugust 2020$45MKoch Disruptive Technologies, Valor Equity Partners, Atreides Management, Avigdor Willenz, Intel Capital, ITI Venture Capital Partners, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, Redline Capital Management, Viola Ventures, Zeev Ventures
TaranisTaranis Series CJuly 2020$30MTemasek, Hitachi Ventures, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, Finistere Ventures, Micron Ventures, Viola Ventures, OurCrowd, Vertex Growth, Kuok Group
SeeboSeebo Series BJuly 2020$9M10D, TPY Capital, Vertex Ventures, Viola Ventures
CodefreshCodefresh Series AJune 2020$7MViola Ventures, UpWest Labs, Hillsven Capital, Streamlined Ventures
Pagaya InvestmentsPagaya Investments Series DJune 2020$102MGIC, Aflac Global Ventures, Bank Hapoalim, Viola Ventures, Harvey Golub, OAK HC/FT, Siam Commercial Bank, Clal Insurance, GF Investments
ImmunaiImmunai SeedMay 2020$20MTLV Partners, Viola Ventures
VerbitVerbit Series BDecember 2019$31MStripes, Viola Ventures, Vertex Ventures, Oryzn Capital, Claltech
SyteSyte Series BAugust 2019$21.5MViola Ventures, Storm Ventures, AxessVentures, Lyra Ventures
SpeedataSpeedata SeedAugust 2019$15MPitango Venture Capital, Viola Ventures
Pagaya InvestmentsPagaya Investments Series CMarch 2019$25MOAK HC/FT, Clal Insurance, Harvey Golub, Siam Commercial Bank, Viola Ventures
proteanTecsproteanTecs Series BMarch 2019$35MAvigdor Willenz, Intel Capital, ITI Venture Capital Partners, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, Redline Capital Management, Viola Ventures, Celesta, Zeev Ventures
PliopsPliops Series BDecember 2018$30MSoftbank, Intel Capital, Viola Ventures, Western Digital Capital, Xilinx, State of Mind Ventures
VerbitVerbit Series ADecember 2018$25MViola Ventures, Vertex Ventures, Oryzn Capital, Vintage Investment Partners, Access Industries, HV Capital
TaranisTaranis Series BOctober 2018$20MViola Ventures, Finistere Ventures, Vertex Ventures, OurCrowd, Eyal Gura, Gal Yarden
VayaVisionVayaVision SeedSeptember 2018$8MViola Ventures, MizMaa Ventures, OurCrowd, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, LG Electronics
PulsPuls Series CAugust 2018$50MTemasek, Red Dot Capital Partners, Samsung NEXT, Sequoia Capital, Viola Ventures, Hanaco Ventures, Hamilton Lane SeedJuly 2018$3MViola Ventures, NFX
PlainIDPlainID Series AJuly 2018$11MViola Ventures, Springtide Ventures, Capri Ventures, iAngels
CodefreshCodefresh Series BJune 2018$8MM12, Viola Ventures, Hillsven Capital, CE Ventures
EverCEverCFebruary 2018Star Farm Ventures, Arbor Ventures, Nyca Partners, American Express Ventures, Viola Ventures
Origami LogicOrigami Logic Series DDecember 2017$15.2MViola Ventures, Saban Ventures, NextWorld Capital, DAG Ventures, Accel Partners, Icon Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners
SeeboSeebo Series AOctober 2017$8MTPY Capital, Viola Ventures, Pritzker Group Venture Capital, Global IoT Technology Ventures
PliopsPliops Series ASeptember 2017$10MIntel Capital, Viola Ventures, State of Mind Ventures
EX.COEX.CO Series CSeptember 2017$35MViola Growth, Walt Disney Company, 83North, Viola Ventures, Saban Ventures
PulsPuls Series BAugust 2017$25MRed Dot Capital Partners, Viola Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Maverick Ventures Israel, Samsung NEXT, Kreos Capital
proteanTecsproteanTecs Series AJune 2017$15MViola Ventures
Credifi Series CJanuary 2017$13MViola Ventures, Stax Inc, OurCrowd, Liberty Israel Venture Fund, Battery Ventures, 31VENTURES
Pagaya InvestmentsPagaya Investments Series ADecember 2016$2MViola Ventures
EverCEverC Series ANovember 2016$9.5MViola Ventures, Star Farm Ventures, Nyca Partners, Arbor Ventures
CodefreshCodefresh Series CSeptember 2016$27MRed Dot Capital Partners, Shasta Ventures, M12, Viola Ventures, Hillsven Capital
PulsPuls Series AAugust 2016$15MViola Ventures, Sequoia Capital
CooladataCooladata Series BJune 2016$5.6MSalesforce Ventures, TEEC Angel Fund, 83North, Viola Ventures
SundaySkySundaySky Series DJune 2016$30MViola Growth, Viola Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Comcast Ventures, NTT Docomo Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners
Pagaya InvestmentsPagaya Investments SeedApril 2016$1.3MViola Ventures
EX.COEX.CO Series BMarch 2016$15MSaban Ventures, Walt Disney Company, 83North, Viola Ventures, Firstime Ventures
SeeboSeebo Series ADecember 2015$8.5MViola Ventures, TPY Capital
CellwizeCellwize Series ADecember 2015$14.5MViola Ventures, Vintage Investment Partners
Pyramid AnalyticsPyramid Analytics Series BSeptember 2015$30MViola Ventures, Sequoia Capital
OptimalPlusSeptember 2015$42MKKR, Pitango Venture Capital, Viola Ventures
LightricksLightricks Series AJuly 2015$10MViola Ventures
EverCEverC SeedApril 2015$3.5MViola Ventures, Nyca Partners, Joey Low
Credifi Series BMarch 2015$8MViola Ventures, OurCrowd, Battery Ventures
TonaraTonara Series BMarch 2015$5Mlool ventures, Viola Ventures, Baidu
EX.COEX.CO Series AMarch 2015$16M83North, Viola Ventures, Saban Ventures, Firstime Ventures
Parallel M SeedFebruary 2015Pitango Venture Capital, Viola Ventures, 83North
PandoLogic Series DDecember 2014$8MViola Ventures, ORIX Ventures, Edison Investments
SundaySkySundaySky Series COctober 2013$20MVintage Investment Partners, Viola Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Comcast Ventures, Liberty Global Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners
CooladataCooladata Series ASeptember 2013$7.4M83North, Viola Ventures
OutbrainOutbrain Series ESeptember 2013$35MGlenRock Israel, Rhodium, Lightspeed Venture Partners, HarbourVest, Index Ventures, Vintage Investment Partners, Viola Ventures, Gemini Israel Ventures
PandoLogic Series CJune 2013$7MViola Ventures, Edison Investments
PersoneticsPersonetics Series BMay 2013$11.5MSequoia Capital, Viola Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners
TonaraTonara Series AJune 2012$4Mlool ventures, Viola Ventures, Rami Lipman, Index Ventures, Eilon Tirosh
OutbrainOutbrain Series DNovember 2011$35MIndex Ventures, Viola Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners
PersoneticsPersonetics Series AApril 2011$6.5MViola Ventures, Sequoia Capital
OutbrainOutbrain Series CJanuary 2011$11MGemini Israel Ventures, Rhodium, Viola Ventures, GlenRock Israel
PandoLogic Series BOctober 2010$4.7MViola Ventures, BayTech Venture Capital
SundaySkySundaySky Series BOctober 2010$9MNorwest Venture Partners, Viola Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners
Kontera Series CJune 2009$15.5MSequoia Capital, Viola Ventures, Tenaya Capital
OutbrainOutbrain Series BJanuary 2009$12MZohar Gilon, GlenRock Israel, Gemini Israel Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Viola Ventures, Rhodium
SundaySkySundaySky Series AJanuary 2009$8MViola Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners
PayoneerPayoneer Series BJuly 2008$8MViola Ventures, 83North, Zohar Gilon, Crossbar Capital
Fund NameDate AnnouncedFund Size
Viola VenturesViola Ventures VIJanuary 2022$250M
Viola VenturesViola Ventures VNovember 2017$223M
Viola VenturesViola Ventures IVOctober 2014$194M
Viola VenturesViola Ventures IIIFebruary 2009$235M
Viola VenturesViola Ventures IIApril 2005$202M
Viola VenturesViola Ventures IApril 2000$171M
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeLocationPortfolio
Sequoia CapitalSequoia CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States42
Viola VenturesViola VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael60
Pitango Venture CapitalPitango Venture CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael64
Battery VenturesBattery VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States44
Glilot Capital PartnersGlilot Capital PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael36
lool ventureslool venturesVenture CapitalIsrael22
Vertex VenturesVertex VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael52
83North83NorthVenture CapitalIsrael38
Intel CapitalIntel CapitalCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States43
Lightspeed Venture PartnersLightspeed Venture PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States46
Magma Venture PartnersMagma Venture PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael27
UpWest LabsUpWest LabsVenture CapitalIsrael32
TLV PartnersTLV PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael42
Insight PartnersInsight PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States89
Accel PartnersAccel PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States27
SoftbankSoftbankVenture CapitalJapan24
Grove VenturesGrove VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael25
LionBirdLionBirdVenture CapitalIsrael19
MizMaa VenturesMizMaa VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael22
Maverick Ventures IsraelMaverick Ventures IsraelVenture CapitalIsrael20
Norwest Venture PartnersNorwest Venture PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States23
Qualcomm VenturesQualcomm VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States21
Hanaco VenturesHanaco VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael33
Zeev VenturesZeev VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael35
F2 Venture CapitalF2 Venture CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael29
GlenRock IsraelGlenRock IsraelPrivate EquityIsrael10
Spider CapitalSpider CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States7
Index VenturesIndex VenturesVenture CapitalUnited Kingdom13
Samsung NEXTSamsung NEXTCorporate Venture CapitalIsrael35
aMoonaMoonVenture CapitalIsrael20
Comcast VenturesComcast VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States10
Meron CapitalMeron CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael17
Group11Group 11Venture CapitalIsrael18
Vintage Investment PartnersVintage Investment PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael38
NvidiaNvidiaCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States8
TPY CapitalTPY CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael16
Firstime VenturesFirstime VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael16
Hetz VenturesHetz VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael24
NextWorld CapitalNextWorld CapitalVenture CapitalCanada3
NFXNFXVenture CapitalIsrael36
OAK HC/FTOAK HC/FTVenture CapitalUnited States8
Remagine VenturesRemagine VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael8
Salesforce VenturesSalesforce VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States19
Viola CreditViola CreditVenture CapitalIsrael10
American Express VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States7
Foundation CapitalFoundation CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States7
M12M12Corporate Venture CapitalIsrael22
Mitsubishi UFJ CapitalMitsubishi UFJ CapitalCorporate Venture CapitalJapan8
Munich Re VenturesMunich Re VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalGermany8
Saban VenturesSaban VenturesFamily OfficeIsrael16
SignalFireSignalFireVenture CapitalUnited States5
Finistere VenturesFinistere VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States3
Red Dot Capital PartnersRed Dot Capital PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael19
Bright Pixel CapitalBright Pixel CapitalCorporate Venture CapitalPortugal5
Third Point VenturesThird Point VenturesInvestment FirmUnited States6
Zohar GilonAngelIsrael12
Clal InsuranceClal InsuranceCompanyIsrael10
Capri VenturesCapri VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States7
Hamilton LaneHamilton LaneInvestment FirmUnited States7
Harel Insurance Investments and Financial ServicesHarel Insurance Investments and Financial ServicesInvestment FirmIsrael14
10D10DVenture CapitalIsrael15
Atreides ManagementAtreides ManagementPrivate EquityUnited States11
Valor Equity PartnersValor Equity PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States8
Schusterman Family InvestmentsSchusterman Family InvestmentsFamily OfficeIsrael8
TemasekTemasekInvestment FirmSingapore8
Menora Insurance CompanyMenora Insurance CompanyPensionIsrael10
Koch Disruptive TechnologiesKoch Disruptive TechnologiesCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States15
LG Technology VenturesLG Technology VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalSouth Korea6
Sapphire VenturesSapphire VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States8
INCapital VenturesINCapital VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael7
Picus CapitalPicus CapitalVenture CapitalGermany3
Sweetwood CapitalSweetwood CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael2
Untitled InvestmentsUntitled InvestmentsVenture Capital2
UMC CapitalUMC CapitalCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States4
Seraphim CapitalSeraphim CapitalVenture CapitalUnited Kingdom3
Flashpoint Venture CapitalFlashpoint Venture CapitalVenture CapitalUnited Kingdom5
Walden Catalyst VenturesWalden Catalyst VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States4
Exor SeedsExor SeedsCorporate Venture CapitalItaly3
Link VenturesLink VenturesVenture Capital2
Alon CohenAlon CohenAngel2
Inven CapitalInven CapitalVenture Capital3
Nitzan ShapiraAngel4
Ran RibenzaftAngel4
North Island VenturesNorth Island VenturesVenture Capital1
Fabric VenturesFabric VenturesVenture Capital2
Mensch Capital PartnersMensch Capital PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael5
Maor InvestmentsVenture CapitalIsrael14
Mike NelsonMike NelsonAngel1
Portage VenturesPortage VenturesVenture Capital2
Thayer VenturesThayer VenturesCorporate Venture Capital1
Roc NationRoc NationCompany1
Presight CapitalPresight CapitalVenture Capital1
GETTYVenture Capital2
State of Mind VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael18
Gemini Israel VenturesGemini Israel VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael13
Scale Venture PartnersScale Venture PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States13
Oryzn CapitalOryzn CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael8
ClaltechClaltechCorporate Venture CapitalIsrael13
La Maison PartnersLa Maison PartnersVenture CapitalFrance21
RhodiumRhodiumVenture CapitalIsrael8
Verizon VenturesVerizon VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States14
CelestaCelestaVenture CapitalUnited States8
Eyal GuraAngelIsrael6
Tenaya CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States7
Bank HapoalimBank HapoalimCompanyIsrael4
Deutsche Telekom Capital PartnersDeutsche Telekom Capital PartnersCorporate Venture CapitalGermany12
Global Founders CapitalGlobal Founders CapitalVenture CapitalGermany12
Nyca PartnersNyca PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States4
Viola GrowthViola GrowthVenture CapitalIsrael21
7wire Ventures7wire VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States4
Pritzker Group Venture CapitalPritzker Group Venture CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States3
Icon VenturesIcon VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States8
ITI Venture Capital PartnersITI Venture Capital PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael4
NTT Docomo VenturesNTT Docomo VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalJapan5
SixThirtySixThirtyVenture CapitalUnited States11
Springtide VenturesSpringtide VenturesVenture Capital6
Warburg PincusWarburg PincusPrivate EquityUnited States4
Cavallo VenturesCorporate Venture Capital2
Joey LowAngelIsrael5
Kreos CapitalKreos CapitalVenture CapitalUnited Kingdom8
Lyra VenturesLyra VenturesVenture Capital3
Noam BardinAngel2
Omri CasspiAngel2
Shasta VenturesShasta VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States4
Micron VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States5
Global IoT Technology VenturesVenture Capital8
Hitachi VenturesHitachi VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalJapan2
Vertex GrowthVertex GrowthVenture CapitalIsrael4
More Investment HouseMore Investment HouseInvestment FirmIsrael8
Thoma BravoThoma BravoPrivate EquityUnited States2
Nir ErezAngel2
StripesStripesVenture CapitalUnited States9
REWE GroupCompanyGermany1
Presidio VenturesPresidio VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States3
SymbolVenture Capital4
Avi ShuaAngel3
Gonen FinkAngel1
Ariel ZeitlinAngel1
K3 VenturesK3 VenturesVenture Capital3
Farglory GroupCompany1
BOWE GroupBOWE GroupCompany1
Elad TsurAngel1
Shai SternShai SternAngel1