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UpWest is a seed stage Silicon Valley fund investing in Israel’s most promising entrepreneurs. UpWest is focused on a hands-on approach to supercharge the growth of its startups providing the essential ingredients for success: Seed funding, proximity and access to markets and capital, a supportive community of talented peers.

Shuly GaliliPartner and Board Member1
Gil Ben-ArtzyManaging Partner1
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
ZenityActive2021Cyber Security, Enterprise, No Code, Low Code$21.5M
Unity SCMActive2020Industrial, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Inventory, Logistics$8M
BalanceActive2020Fintech, Payments, E-Commerce$86.5M
InnerPlantActive2018Agritech, Sensor, Nutrient$5.7M
CanopyActive2017Healthcare, Monitor, Pain, Management, Patient Care, Cancer$13M
ㅤCompany NameRoundDateInvestors
ZenitySeries ASeptember 20235
Unity SCMSeries AMay 20235
BeeHeroSeries BDecember 202211
BalanceSeries BJuly 202212
CanopySeries AMarch 20225
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
Viola VenturesVenture Capital200057
Vertex VenturesVenture Capital199751
Blumberg CapitalVenture Capital199127
Innovation EndeavorsVenture Capital201028

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UpWest Labs

ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
ZenityActiveCyber Security, Enterprise, No Code, Low Code$21.5M300.0%
Unity SCMActiveIndustrial, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Inventory, Logistics$8M2559.9%
BalanceActiveFintech, Payments, E-Commerce$86.5M9812.8%
InnerPlantActiveAgritech, Sensor, Nutrient$5.7M350.0%
CanopyActiveHealthcare, Monitor, Pain, Management, Patient Care, Cancer$13M26-1.7%
Zone7ActiveSports, Analytics$10.5M584.2%
CyCognitoActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Information Technology (IT)$153M1742.1%
BeeHeroActiveAgritech, Robotics, Bees, IoT$65M7610.4%
Lynx.MDActiveHealthcare, AIOps, Analytics, AI Enablers, Big Data, Digital Health, Electronic Health Records, Data$14.5M378.5%
Levl TechnologiesAcquiredAutomotive, Cyber Security, IoT, Privacy0.0%
WayCareAcquiredAutomotive, Connected Vehicle, Traffic, Smart City$10.6M120.0%
ImubitActiveIndustrial, Optimization, Gas and Oil, Energy, Chemical, Plants$50M1593.2%
Exo TechnologiesAcquiredAutomotive, Connected Vehicle, GPS, Satellite0.0%
ReachActivePlatform, Deal, Enterprise, Customer Engagement, Customer Interaction, Sales$11M270.0%
StampliActiveFintech, Backoffice, Accounting, Invoice, Accounts Payable$87M2449.4%
The logo of AiroboticsAiroboticsPublicDrones, Industrial$105.5M1010.0%
The company logo of CodefreshCodefreshActiveEnterprise, Development, CI/CD, Open Source, Software Development$42M780.0%
Donde SearchAcquiredRetail, Visual Search Engine, E-Commerce$10M0.0%
GenooxActiveHealthcare, Genomics, Genomic Data, Next Generation Sequencing$20M400.0%
Javelin NetworksAcquiredEnterprise, Cyber Security, Deception$5M0.0%
ReactfulActiveMarketing, Optimization$3.3M40.0%
The company logo of SecuredTouchSecuredTouchAcquiredBiometrics, Fraud, Behavioural Analysis, Transactions, Retail, Travel$11.5M0.0%
AnywordActiveGenerative AI, Automated Text Creation, Internet, Artificial Intelligence$30.1M111-32.0%
TapdogAcquiredBusiness Intelligence, Marketing5000000.0%
NeuraAcquiredTechnology, Mobile, IoT, Consumer, Data$34M0.0%
SentinelOnePublicEnterprise, Cyber Security, Endpoint Security, Malware$799.5M21816.1%
CyberX LabsAcquiredIndustrial, Cyber Security, Control Systems, SCADA$48M230.0%
The logo of invi Labsinvi LabsAcquiredMobile, Media, Messaging$5.2M290.0%
DripplerAcquiredTechnology, Mobile$6.4M0.0%
SenexxAcquiredEnterprise, Internal3000000.0%

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