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As the corporate venture capital unit of TRUMPF, we are both a strategic partner and a venture capital investor. With our network, our experience in industrial production, and our technology expertise, we help innovative company founders to get started on the market and to grow. As such, we are the ideal choice for technology-oriented start-ups who are looking for a strong partner who thinks about the long term. In addition, we network and find win-win ways of collaborating be it with TRUMPF as a customer, development partner, or in a close cooperation. We invest internationally with a focus on early stage financing, both as lead and co-investor ideally in investor consortiums. Out of a first fund of 40 million euros we typically contribute 0.5 - 2 million euros initially and view ourselves as a stable partner to successful portfolio companies throughout future investment rounds. In addition to a strategic fit, a risk-adjusted return on the capital provided is also important to us. To that effect TRUMPF Venture strives for a minority interest between 5% and 25%, which enables start-ups to develop and, in cooperation with TRUMPF, grow to be successful.

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January 2021


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