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Toyota Tsusho was established in 1948. As the sole general trading company in the Toyota Group, we strengthened our overseas operations in the 1980s and 1990s and expanded around our core automotive business. Thereafter, we began to expand non-automotive businesses. We merged with the trading companies Kasho in 2000 and Tomen in 2006 to accelerate our growth into such new business fields as infrastructure, chemicals, and food. Since 2010, we have expanded the scope and honed the capabilities of existing businesses while accelerating investments in new business fields, such as bluefin tuna aquaculture and overseas hospital management. In 2012, we made the largest investment in our history in CFAO, a French trading company with a strong presence in Africa. In this way, we are achieving sustainable growth by widening our business field. Toyota Tsusho is a member of the Toyota Group, which comprises 17 companies: Toyota Motor, Toyota Industries, Aichi Steel, JTEKT, Toyota Auto Body, Aisin Seiki, Denso, Toyota Boshoku, Towa Real Estate, Toyota Central R&D Labs, Toyota Motor East Japan, Toyoda Gosei, Hino Motors, Daihatsu Motor, Toyota Home, Toyota Motor Kyushu, and Toyota Tsusho. As the Toyota Group's sole general trading company, we gather information and promote the development of new business from a global perspective. As automotive professionals with unique capabilities and know-how, we strive to lead the Toyota Group in the challenge to develop the evolution of next-generation mobility to contribute to the development of both society and the Toyota Group.
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Corporate Venture Capital

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B2B, B2G
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Hardware, Software
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B2B, B2G

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