The historically attractive return profile of many late-stage venture-backed companies has typically only been available to institutional and high net worth investors. With many high-growth companies staying private longer than ever, a significant portion of their value appreciation has typically occurred before their entry into the public markets.Available for a minimum investment of $2,500 without investor accreditation requirements, the Private Shares Fund, a closed-end interval fund, offers individuals, family offices, and institutions an effective means to access the venture-backed asset class.The Private Shares Fund seeks capital appreciation by focusing on investments in late-stage, venture-backed private companies. As compared to startups and earlier-stage venture companies, these companies have more established product lines and customer bases, and typically have displayed revenue growth. The Private Shares Fund’s strategy is to participate in the potential appreciation of these dynamic pre-lPO companies.The Private Shares Fund investment management team monitors an extensive universe of private technology and innovation companies across multiple sectors while staying attuned to significant trends in the marketplace. By utilizing proprietary databases and deep relationships across the venture ecosystem, we look to identify opportunities involving high-performing companies with strong investor syndicates. Each of these companies will undergo an in-depth analysis of many factors that are likely to influence both capital appreciation and the ultimate exit outcome. Once the evaluation process is complete, the investment team will negotiate terms and determine the appropriate allocation based on portfolio construction modeling.

Investment Firm
Artificial Intelligence, Automatic Speech Recognition, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition


Kevin Moss
Managing Director

Investment Portfolio



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