SKYVIEWS LIFE SCIENCE IS A PRIVATELY HELD ADVISORY COMPANY SPECIALISED IN PRECISION HEALTH AND LONGEVITY.We identify investment opportunities in companies at the growing interface between biotechnology, advanced nutrition and digital health.We target private and public companies with better drugs, advanced technology platforms, preventive strategies, personalized solutions and more natural foods that will improve people’s quality of life.We leverage our partners to identify outstanding value for people, for our clients, for capital and for healthcare payors.Our perspective is rooted in “P4 medicine”, evolving from reactive disease care, to care that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory. This new paradigm focuses on big data, better lifestyles and tailored treatments, building on the evidence that each individual’s health experience is unique.

Venture Capital
Artificial Intelligence

Investment Portfolio


Investment Round History

January 27, 2021
Series B


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