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Pereg Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early stage U.S. and Israeli startups, focused on B2B data solutions that accelerate consumer-driven enterprises. Our deep domain expertise and global network of trusted relationships (Nielsen and Tata among others) opens doors and new possibilities for the startups we work with.

The data and AI revolution is transforming the business world. Some see it as a threat; we see it as a once-in-a-decade opportunity. We are leveraging this fusion by targeting innovative B2B data ventures, especially those that help consumer-driven enterprises improve their performance.

We know the data business inside and out. At every critical junction along the entrepreneurs journey, we provide a wealth of networking opportunities and invaluable foresight that not only opens doors, but new possibilities.The two biggest tech hubs, Israel and the U.S., are our home turf. Having immediate access to the raw technological innovation in Israel and the market know-how of the U.S. means we can help our companies cross (literally and figuratively) an ocean of opportunity.

Ziv Ben-BarouchFounder
Itzhak FisherFounder1
CB4 Acquisition2021
Nutrino Acquisition2018$100M
CrosswiseCrosswise Acquisition2016$50M
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeLocationPortfolio
Sequoia CapitalSequoia CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States42
AlephAlephVenture CapitalIsrael48
Insight PartnersInsight PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States89
EmergeEmergeVenture CapitalIsrael11
Octopus VenturesOctopus VenturesVenture CapitalUnited Kingdom5
Salesforce VenturesSalesforce VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States19
OG TechOG TechFamily OfficeIsrael15
Bright Pixel CapitalBright Pixel CapitalCorporate Venture CapitalPortugal5
Next47Next47Corporate Venture CapitalGermany9
Horizons VenturesHorizons VenturesVenture CapitalHong Kong17
Viola GrowthViola GrowthVenture CapitalIsrael21
Nielsen InnovateNielsen InnovateCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States21
Gandyr GroupGandyr GroupFamily OfficeIsrael8
Pereg VenturesPereg VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States5
Harlap FamilyFamily Office2
Cambridge CapitalCambridge CapitalVenture Capital1
Giza Venture CapitalGiza Venture CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael8
The Coca-Cola CompanyCompany2
New York AngelsNew York AngelsAngel Syndicate4
ZhenFundZhenFundVenture CapitalChina3
Roni MichaelyAngel2
Whitestone Investment Fund2
Partam Hightech2

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In Memory of The Murdered

In the early morning on Saturday, October 7th, 2023, terrorist group Hamas infiltrated southern Israel and massacred innocent Israelis, from infants to seniors.

They were mercilessly killed, in unspeakable ways. and the entire technology community pause to honor the murdered. We remember them. We honor their memory and the brightest futures they were supposed to live.

May their families and friends find solace. We grieve with you.

We pray for the release of hostages currently held in Gaza.

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