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Born in Israel and with decades of experience investing and building companies in NYC, we get the unique challenges Israeli founders face when building a global company, and know how to connect the dots to truly capitalize on the immense opportunities available to them.

It takes a village. Building a global company is extremely hard. We know it. With that in mind, we’ve built a powerful team of successful founders, top investors and proven operators from both Israel and NYC with one clear mission – become your go-to partner by doubling down on value creation and company building in the US market.

Tali EdryPartner1
Eyal BinoPartner1
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
The logo of MikataMikataActive2022Wholesale, Sales, Payments,  BNPL
TailorrActive2022Pricing, Packaging, API, Development, Enterprise, Sales, Customer Retention, No Code
Tymely AIActive2021E-Commerce, Customer Support, Generative AI$7M
Cyngular SecurityActive2021
ㅤCompany NameRoundDateInvestors
GlossaiSeedFebruary 20238
Beti SafetyStrategicNovember 20222
VoiceableSeedNovember 20192
LeoSeedAugust 20191
XperitiSeedJune 20192
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
IntangoCorporate Venture Capital20171
Israel Innovation AuthorityGovernment71
Nielsen InnovateCorporate Venture Capital, Incubator201321
97212 VenturesAccelerator201530
SeedIL VenturesVenture Capital201413

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97212 Ventures

ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
The logo of MikataMikataActiveWholesale, Sales, Payments,  BNPL30.0%
TailorrActivePricing, Packaging, API, Development, Enterprise, Sales, Customer Retention, No Code0.0%
Tymely AIActiveE-Commerce, Customer Support, Generative AI$7M3022.1%
Cyngular SecurityActive20.0%
GlossaiActiveGenerative AI, Media, Video, Video Creation$8M3311.8%
Nartis AIActiveVideo, Enterprise, Sales, CRM, Revenue40.0%
XoltarActiveEnterprise, Customer Service, Virtual Agent, Customer Interaction, Generative AI1222.0%
RubatoActiveWellness, Music, Digital Health97.9%
Swift ShiftActiveHealthcare, Senior Care$5.8M19-11.8%
SimilariActiveLegal, Search,  Patents13-8.9%
VoiceableActiveTechnology, Voice AI9-16.9%
Beti SafetyActiveConstruction, Face Recognition$11M561.8%
Dataloop AIActiveTechnology, AI Enablers, Development Platform, Data, AutoML, SaaS$49M814.1%
Simply SpeakActiveHealthcare, Electronic Health Records Systems,  Clinical Document Generator, Electronic Medical Records$1.1M4-23.3%
FixelAcquiredMarketing, Advanced Targeting, Audience Segmentation, E-Commerce10000090.0%
Skyline RoboticsActiveIndustrial, Window Cleaning, Robotics$12.85M2826.2%
XperitiAcquiredEnterprise, HR, Recruiting, Fintech5000003818.5%
TrialJectoryActiveHealthcare, Clinical Trials, Cancer$27.7M52-1.8%
WiseShelfActiveRetail, Inventory, IoT, Image Processing0.0%
PACKAGE.AIActiveRetail, Delivery, Chatbot, Logistics0.0%
CalibermindActiveMarketing, Analytics$2.1M385.3%
LeoActiveFintech, Insurance, Management, Chatbot$8M14782.1%
CauseMatchActivePhilanthropy, Platform530.6%
CopyleaksActiveTechnology, Plagiarism, Detection, Copyright$7.1M4018.3%
MyndYouActiveHealthcare, Neurology, Mental Health, Alzheimers$6.1M303.4%
ZirraInactiveFintech, Intelligence$4.3M140.0%
SecurithingsActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, IoT$42.5M710.6%
ProfilityActiveHealthcare, Patient Data, Risk Analytics, Patient Care$1.7M0.0%

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