Our team of experienced investment professionals and former food/beverage operators invests in bold entrepreneurs leading the technology revolution in the global food industry. We seek out businesses that will power and/or disrupt the production/distribution of food and beverages. The operational experience of our team and scientific expertise of our advisors makes Green Circle able to be a true value-added investor for emerging companies in this space.“The difference between the amount of food produced in 2010 and the amount necessary to meet likely demand in 2050… 56 percent more crop calories than were produced in 2010.”-World Resources Institute, Dec. 2018An excellent sector opportunity may be unfolding before investors right now. As the world’s population growth outpaces growth of the food supply, the planet might starve unless technology enables us to bridge the gap. Significant returns may be generated by investing in such technologies.We view our sweet spot as “past proof of concept” but before “scale.” Some of these businesses may be pre-revenue and as such, when revenues are not the metric, proof of concept or value may be measured in the form of patents or other IP, beta products, initial blue chip customers, etc. At Green Circle we feel lucky to often work with natural products companies that make better-for-you products that provide consumers with healthier choices, and sometimes provide additional benefits to the world at large. As we move deeper into the ecosystem of tech-enabled businesses that are improving or disrupting the production or distribution of food

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May 18, 2022
November 17, 2021



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