BlueRed Partners is an MAS registered fund management company, seeking to connect deep-technology Israeli startups to our high-profile LPs. At BlueRed Partners, we believe that every investment is an active one. With LPs that are key players in their respective industries, we seek to develop and grow novel Israeli technologies into the Asian sphere, allowing our regional communities to benefit early on from technological disruption. With a wealth of experience in the financial and technology sectors, our team has a successful track record of investment in Israel and abroad, and ensures efficient and successful navigation through a notoriously challenging investment landscape in order to maximize returns for our investors.

Venture Capital

Min Cheque

Deep Learning, Machine Learning
B2B, B2G
Hardware, Software


Daniel Harel
Managing Partner

Investment Portfolio

Investment Round History

November 22, 2021
Series A

Funds Raised

June 2018
$75000000 M



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