Established in 2019, Azura was founded with a vision of building lasting relationship with an absolute focus on independence and alignment of interests.We are positioned alongside our clients and become a partner to the client’s core team and single-family office. We provide ‘fast track’ execution, an extra defence line and manage their wealth, allowing our clients to focus on building value in their own operating businesses.With offices in London, Monaco and Singapore, the Azura team consists of 18 people and 14 nationalities, speaking 10 languages, with over 150 years of combined experience, offering our clients a powerful and unique diversity of intellectual capital.Azura Partners’ core attributes of Leadership, Excellence and Independence enable us to make a significant positive impact on clients who have entrusted their family and legacy to us.

Investment Firm
Artificial Intelligence, Automatic Speech Recognition, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition


Ali Jamal

Investment Portfolio


Investment Round History

June 8, 2021
Series D


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