Arcadian is a leader in cannabis venture capital and headquartered in the center of the cannabis phenomenon (Los Angeles, CA). We professionally manage investment vehicles providing Limited Partners diversified exposure to the ancillary sector (the infrastructure backbone of the industry), ensuring that all portfolio holdings comply with both state and federal law. Our talented team, proven strategy, and strong moral imperative to build ethical companies with ESG best practices allows us create an ecosystem for valued creation.The industry is currently in a goldilocks zone where companies can build brand and market-share before larger players can come into play. The timing could not be better: the industry is growing rapidly, and valuations have come down substantially. The U.S. cannabis market is a $80-plus billion opportunity, in a one-time shift to legal status. With a decade of combined experience investing in ancillary sectors, Arcadian’s strategy to take advantage of this opportunity placed us as one of the top three Venture Capital Firms in 2019.

Venture Capital
Artificial Intelligence


Matthew J. Nordgren
Managing Partner

Investment Portfolio


Investment Round History

November 8, 2021
Series C
April 7, 2021
Series B



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