We invest in founders with global aspirations, predominantly from Israel.The founding team’s past investments include 2 exits, and 3 companies with over $100M valuation and rising. Investing with us will not only give you the opportunity to get the first look at some of the best investments coming out of the country that has a number of exits second only to Silicon Valley, but also investments hand picked by the founders of 5eyes who are marketing and subject matter experts and have taken fledgling companies to the next level.We invest in SaaS based tech companies that cater to the SMB market because we have unfair advantages in that space:1. Our team has proven success with SaaS companies (Dynamic Yield, Hypr, Aquant, Dialogue and more).2. We know how to bridge the gap between Israeli entrepreneurs and the US market.3. Israeli SAAS innovation is incredible but rarely shines due to wrong product/market fit. Our team knows how to help the companies figure it out early on.4. We are connected to this ecosystem and bring both vertical expertise and industry connections that can help the companies excel.5. Based on our past experiences, we can help our portfolio build their financial models, plan their go-to-market strategy and help them with client recruitment.6. Our reputation helps future investors feel confident when considering investment opportunities into the company.Dealflow; this is what we look for in our investment1. 2 founders – One must be a builder (tech lead) and one must be commercial (sales and marketing lead). Must have several years of mutual work or acquaintance.2. Moat – The company’s technology must not be trivial3. Market – clients hungry for the specific solution.4. Solid business model – must be able to justify the unit economics and show market potential5. Global market and a willingness to be global or US based.

Angel Syndicate
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning


Shefa Rabin
Managing Partner
Ohad Gliksman
Managing Partner, Board Member and Chairman
Serial Entrepreneur

Investment Portfolio


Investment Round History

May 2, 2022



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