Introducing Next Generation 3DP AI-Perfecter™, Enabling 3D Printing with Confidence of Industrial-Grade Parts

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Share on twitter has announced the launch of its next-generation proprietary AI engine, the 3DP AI-Perfecter™, the only pre-printing evaluation tool in the market that is based on Artificial Intelligence. The 3DP AI-Perfecter™ enables industries such as Aerospace, Defense, and Automotive to fully leverage the potential of 3D Printing by significantly increasing the printed parts consistency and reliability while reducing labor, time, and cost. has focused over the last couple of years on utilizing deep technology and Artificial Intelligence to solve a long-standing pain point of 3D Printers – the significant cost of pre-printing processes. Analyzing parts before printing is a crucial step that’s time-intensive for highly skilled engineers and bears significant risks to a company’s reputation and ability to meet the desired lead times and regulations. Moreover, this manual process, on top of being inefficient, results in a high average rate output of dysfunctional parts.’s 3DP AI-Perfecter™ dashboard. Graphic: combines the hands-on printing experience of its founders, both of which are 3rd generation in the printing industry and 3D printing mentors, with cutting edge technologies, and finally enables the transition of the pre-printing process to the 21st Century.  

Itamar Yona, PrintSyst’s CEO explained that PrintSyst’s next-generation 3DP AI-Perfecter™ finally enables instant, automatic and accurate pre-printing part analysis, that could save more than 99% of the preparation time and cost. “It is a scalable tool, that’s extremely user friendly. We support multiple 3D printing technologies and our customers enjoy automatic AI-based printing recommendations. Moreover, as part of our overall customer-centric approach, we are providing customers with a simple, yet clever dashboard that could be used to monitor our solution’s impact on their printing process and also might be used to further scale and optimize our customers’ operations. This dashboard can, of course, be customized to specific customer needs.” 

Noam Taube, PrintSyst’s VP Marketing & Sales, added that PrintSyst’s solution is already used by customers worldwide. “We are thrilled by the opportunity to assist our customers in overcoming a significant pain point in the 3D Printing process and thus enabling them to become more efficient and ultimately further grow their business. We believe that 3D printers that operate in highly regulated, industrial markets such as Aerospace, Defense, and Automotive would gain the most value from using our 3DP AI-Perfecter™, and are looking forward to closely collaborating with them.”

To learn more about this topic, please join a webinar on ‘3D Printing ScA.I.lability – using Artificial Intelligence to drive Automation & Optimization’, which will be held on July 30th 2020. Click here to register and qualify to win a valuable prize for your business.

About uses state of the art, patented Artificial Intelligence algorithms, combined with hands-on printing experience, to revolutionize the 3D pre-printing process. enables an automatic, instant, accurate, and efficient 3D pre-printing process.  

The company has strategic collaborations with leading academic figures as well as key industry players to drive this revolution and offer the most value to its customers.  

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