Israel’s AI Fintech Startup Landscape Map 2019

There’s over 100 active Fintech AI startups in Israel, applying innovative AI technologies (machine learning, deep learning, natural language understanding, etc…) to solve complex problems facing the financial arena. Cumulatively, Israel’s AI Fintech startups raised nearly $1.4 billion in private venture funding. The infographic above represents the Fintech startups in Israel utilizing or developing AI […]

Multinational Corporations With AI R&D in Israel

Israel is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) hub for corporate innovation. There’s over 90 multinational corporations (MNCs) in Israel with research and development dedicated to developing AI technologies, like computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, or speech recognition. Through organic recruitment or startup acquisitions, MNCs employ over 1,400 AI professionals (data scientists, machine learning engineers, […]

NLP Startup Exits of Israel

Israel’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) startup exits have begun to form clusters of verticals signaling the corporate and investor interest in applications of the technology. The infographic above represents the NLP startups by their respective vertical. Through analysis, we can list the top five highlights of Israel’s NLP startup exits: 1. There’s been 15 exits […]

Israel’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) Startup Landscape 2019

The era of Natural Language Processing is taking shape and making its mark on the Artificial Intelligence research and entrepreneurial community. Israel’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) startup ecosystem is stepping into the fast lane with support from advances in neural network techniques and automated recognition systems to truly make sense of natural language, written or […]

Israel Computer Vision Startup Landscape of 2019

Israel's Computer Vision Startup Landscape 2019

The Computer Vision startup ecosystem of Israel has raised $2.9 billion in cumulative funding to date and is a driving force in Israel’s Artificial Intelligence ecosystem. The infographic above depicts Israel’s Computer Vision startups by the vertical in which they operate. Here’s the top highlights of Israel’s Computer Vision startup ecosystem to date: There are […]