Google Acquired Israeli Data Integration Startup Equalum

equalum acquired

In an apparent strategic expansion of its data integration capabilities, Google acquired Israeli data beaming startup Equalum. Unannounced, but estimated to have closed in June 2023, the acquisition marks Google’s tenth acquisition of an Israeli startup, following notable acquisitions like Siemplify and BreezoMeter in the 2022. The financial details of the Equalum deal remain undisclosed, without comment from Equalum, but estimates suggest a purchase price in the tens of millions of dollars.

Founded Nir Livneh, Erez Alsheich, Idan Danai and Ofir Manor in 2015, Equalum specializes in building data pipelines that facilitate real-time and batch data processing. Their technology integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, enhancing data transformation and synchronization.

Equalum’s most recent Series C funding round in August 2022, totaling $14 million, brought its total funding to $45 million. Investors in Equalum include Planven Entrepreneur Ventures, United Ventures, Innovation Endeavors, GE Ventures, Saints Capital, Springtide Ventures. Several angel investors also backed the startup, including Giora Yaron, Mickey Boodaei, and Rakesh Loonkar.

Google’s acquisitions of Israeli startups spans various sectors, from Cyber Security to Climate intelligence technology.

Equalum stands out with its innovative approach to data integration, leveraging open-source tools like Apache Spark and Kafka. Its platform is known for its user-friendly, no-code interface, allowing users to easily manage data pipelines. Their capabilities have positioned Equalum as a strong competitor to other data integration solutions like Striim, StreamSets, and major cloud providers’ offerings.

Following Google’s acquisition of Elastifile in 2019, the Equalum acquisition highlights their strategy to enhance cloud services. Elastifile’s integration into Google Cloud in 2019 improved Google’s enterprise storage capabilities, particularly for high-performance and large-scale storage needs. This move catered to industries with heavy storage and compute requirements, like media, life sciences, and manufacturing.

With Equalum, Google likely aims to bolster its data integration and real-time data processing capabilities. Equalum’s advanced data pipeline construction and user-friendly interface could significantly enrich Google Cloud’s suite, meeting the growing demand for efficient, scalable cloud-based data solutions. While specific motives behind the acquisition remain undisclosed, it suggests Google’s continued focus on expanding and refining its cloud offerings to address complex data management challenges in the data and AI landscape.

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