Generative AI Plagiarism Reaches 60%, Copyleaks Research Shows Staff

Generative AI Plagiarism

Generative AI plagiarism is becoming more contentious for content creation, with recent investigations by Israeli startup, Copyleaks, exposing low authenticity of AI-created content. Their comprehensive research unveils that a significant 60% of outputs from GPT-3.5 manifest elements of plagiarized content.

To discern the level of originality in AI-generated content, Copyleaks analyzed 1,045 outputs from GPT-3.5, spread over 26 diverse subjects. The detailed analysis revealed a high prevalence of Generative AI plagiarism, varying considerably among subjects. For instance, Physics manifested the highest levels of identical text, amounting to 27%.

gpt-3.5 plagiarism
Copyleaks gpt-3.5 plagiarism research, identical text ranking by subject. Credit: Copyleaks.

Conversely, Computer Science displayed the highest instances of paraphrased text, 80.7%. Both Physics and Psychology surfaced as subjects with the highest percentages of minor changes at 25.2%. It implies a challenge of unauthorized content modifications and attributions.

Employing an advanced scoring system, Copyleaks gauged content originality, where a 0% score corresponds to absolute originality and 100% denotes a complete lack thereof. Physics stood out with the highest average Similarity Score at 31.3%. Meanwhile, disciplines like Theater and Humanities showcased the least similarity scores.

Summary of findings by Copyleaks’ research on plagiarism by GPT-3.5 LLM. Credit: Copyleaks. Note: “Identical Text” denotes the most blatant form, where one simply copies another person’s words verbatim and represents them as their own. “Minor Changes” involve making slight modifications to the source material, like altering a verb, while still failing to provide proper credit. Lastly, “Paraphrased Text” involves rephrasing someone else’s ideas in one’s own words without acknowledging the original source.

“As Generative AI adoption grows, it’s important to realize that there are major copyright and IP implications for using AI-generated content,” commented Alon Yamin, CEO and co-founder of Copyleaks. “As our research demonstrates, high percentage of AI content is plagiarized and could be copyrighted which is why it is crucial to identify Generative AI content presence and authenticate it for originality.”

With predictions pointing towards a near future where nearly 90% of online content will be generated by AI, the sanctity of original ideas and critical thinking is in peril. Addressing Generative AI plagiarism is paramount to safeguarding intellectual integrity and originality in this new digital era.

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