Generative AI for BCG in Secured Environment With Intel’s AI Supercomputer Staff

BCG-Intel-Social-Card. Credit: BCG.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Intel have announced a strategic collaboration to develop and implement Generative AI solutions. The partnership combines Intel’s advanced AI hardware and software with BCG’s domain expertise, offering custom solutions that cater to specific enterprise needs while maintaining robust data privacy and security.

BCG has harnessed Intel’s AI supercomputer, a high-performance machine that combines the power of Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and AI-optimized hardware accelerators, the Habana Gaudi. This technology was used to train a domain-specific foundational model on BCG’s proprietary data, a vast dataset spanning over 50 years.

Key to the collaboration is the preservation of data privacy: all AI training and inferencing was executed within BCG’s secure environment.

The market potential for Generative AI software is substantial, with an estimated total addressable value of $150 billion, according to Goldman Sachs Research. The widespread adoption of Generative AI tools could potentially spur a 7% boost in global GDP—approximately $7 trillion—and elevate productivity growth by 1.5% over the next decade.

The joint offering can be applied to various business problems, such as automated portfolio management, airline maintenance operations, and more secure software development agents.

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