Five Israeli ChatGPT Plugins

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Following the count last month on Three Israeli Startups With a ChatGPT Plugin, Check Point Software and Idomoo have now gained entry to the ChatGPT Plugins store, bringing the total Israeli ChatGPT Plugins to a tight five, out of the 867 store plugins.

Lucas by Idomoo

The Idomoo Lucas plugin allows for the creation of interactive videos based on short text content, ideas, summaries, or requests for specific material. Here’s a breakdown of its features:

  1. Interactive Videos: The plugin generates videos that have a call-to-action button embedded within them.
  2. Input Parameters:
    • video_content: This is the main content of the video. It should be a short text in English.
    • video_title: A short title for the video, which can also include emojis.
    • video_type: This specifies the style and type of video to be created.
  3. Output: The plugin responds with a link to the generated video.
  4. Language Limitation: The content for the video can only be in the English language.
  5. Privacy: The plugin never asks the user for any additional information and only uses the provided JSON API for operations.

Check Point Security

The Check Point Security plugin can check the security reputation of:

  1. IP Addresses: Verify if a given IP address is associated with any malicious activities or if it has a bad reputation.
  2. URLs: Check the safety and reputation of a specific URL to determine if it’s associated with any malicious content or activities.
  3. File Hashes: Verify the safety of a file based on its hash. If the file is known to be malicious or suspicious, the plugin will provide information about it.

Before sharing or recommending any IP, URL, or file hash to users, the plugin will ensure that the content is safe and not associated with any malicious activities.

The other three three Israeli/startups companies to be featured on the ChatGPT Plugins store offer solutions in cyber security, gifting and weather intelligence.

Snappy Gifts provides a personalized gift recommendation service, using algorithms to suggest tailored gifts based on user-provided tags and budget. For instance, a user seeking gifts for a friend interested in reading, coffee, and gardening received suggestions like a French press and novels by renowned authors.

Checkmarx CheckAI focuses on coding security, with its CheckAI plugin verifying and validating packages or libraries in code, ensuring they’re legitimate and safe. It offers functions like validatePackages, yaml, and json to streamline the validation process.

Lastly, Weather delivers precise weather forecasts, allowing users to get detailed, location-specific predictions, such as a 15-day temperature outlook.

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