Fairtility’s Chief Strategy Officer to Co-Chair Regulatory Subcommittee of Newly Formed Artificial Intelligence Fertility Society (AIFS)

Fairtility, the transparent AI innovator powering in vitro fertilization (IVF) for improved outcomes, announced today that Chief Strategy Officer, Yael Kfir, will serve as co-chair of the Regulatory Subcommittee of the Artificial Intelligence Fertility Society (AIFS).

The AIFS was formed following the inaugural AI Fertility Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia in September 2022, with a mission to advocate and lead the fertility field in the development of AI, big data systems and future tech to improve assisted reproductive care. The regulatory subcommittee will provide professional leadership in the development and regulation of AI in fertility to improve safety, efficacy and efficiency of AI innovations with the goal of maximizing treatment access and success, through open and collaborative dialog with regulatory representatives.

“As an industry we have a shared vision, and institutions large and small are collaborating with one another to bring AI solutions into the IVF care paradigm and improve care outcomes,” said Yael Kfir, Chief Strategy Officer of Fairtility. “As the first of its kind, AIFS recognizes the importance and responsibility of working closely with regulatory bodies to define how best to ensure leading AI-based decision support systems meet agreed upon standards when entering the market. With these measures in effect, AI-powered IVF systems will earn the trust of clinicians and regulatory boards, and be incorporated into every day clinical practice to elevate the outcome of IVF patient care.”

Yael Kfir serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at Fairtility, bringing 25 years of senior management experience in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, with a dedicated focus on the field of IVF, its key stakeholders and an understanding of the regulatory landscape. Fairtility entered as an early financial supporter of the new association, and Kfir took a leading role in developing the agenda for the AI Fertility Society, helping to define core areas of shared interest among members. The organization is structured to be multidisciplinary and includes healthcare providers, patient advocates, academics, product developers, psychologists, data scientists, mathematicians, entrepreneurs as well as government and regulators.

Additional subcommittees will address: Frameworks and Validation for responsible and ethical AI implementation; Education and Training of IVF professionals; Ethics for research; Expert Peer Review to ensure quality clinical research; EMRs and Integration to ensure transparency and fluidity of information; Patients‘ needs within the application of AI in fertility; Automation and Robotics to promote increased access to treatment; Entrepreneurship supporting new ideas and burgeoning leaders; and Industry to ensure a collaborative forum to address common challenges in the implementation of AI in fertility.

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