Drone Management Startup Protecting First Responders with Remote Communication Capability for Any Drone

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$4.5 M

In an effort to support first responders battling on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19, Israeli AI startup High Lander has made it’s automated drone management platform available for free to various government organizations in Israel.

The startup’s platform is currently being implemented with the goal of decreasing first responders’ risk of contagion by enabling them to operate drones and communicate with citizens remotely, as opposed to operating them on-site.

“We’ve already seen a surge in drone usage during this crisis, such as to help survey public areas from afar while steering clear of the danger of infection,” explained High Lander CEO Alon Abelson. “Since the outbreak, our team has been working tirelessly on fast-tracking a new feature that can greatly assist police and health officials.”

Their platform now features a new tool called ‘Remote Broadcast’, allowing first responders to remotely communicate messages to the public via drones with audio messages that can be broadcasted from a command center to any off-the-shelf drone, allowing for fleets of drones to announce and enforce quickly-changing regulations.

“We knew that police and parks authorities still had to get into their vehicles to go out and enforce closures of areas or general social distancing rules,” said Abelson. “This very fact put them in greater risk than was necessary, and we think Remote Broadcast is another way to keep these heroes safe.”

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