Demo Platform, Walnut, Announces Launch of Walnut Ace to Boost Sales Efficiency

walnut yoav vilner
walnut yoav vilner

Walnut, the world’s leading interactive demo platform, has just announced the launch of its latest product suite, Walnut Ace, which leverages integrations with OpenAI, Slack, and Gmail to help sales teams work faster, respond quicker, and deliver more. This latest addition from the award-winning platform enables GTM teams to increase revenues with consistent, seamless, and insightful product demos.

With a focus on boosting sales efficiency and velocity, the new product suite comes in response to the market downturn and the increasing need for sales leaders to improve their team’s efficiency.

Walnut Ace builds upon the already robust demo platform to give sales teams the ability to do even more with less. On top of already existing integrations with key CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot, Walnut Ace allows sales teams to quickly script demos with the help of OpenAI, share demos without ever leaving Gmail, get live notifications on their prospect’s journey from Slack, and collaborate on demo creation in real-time with their peers.

OpenAI helps with faster demo storytelling by providing assistance with editing presenter notes, writing an insightful script on top of the demo guides, or answering any questions or queries. This tool’s main goal is to enrich live sales demos, save reps time preparing demo scripts, and provide useful information on the fly.

To help sales teams track buyers’ demo interactions instantly, Ace triggers a Slack alert to notify team members as prospects interact with their Walnut demo. This allows sales teams to quickly reach out to prospects while the product is still fresh in their mind, enabling them to receive timely and relevant information regarding prospects’ intentions, precisely where it’s most convenient for sellers.

Walnut Ace adds a live editing collaboration tool that enables demo creators and sales reps to work together to make sure their demos are perfect for each prospect. The result is better demos in less time through seamless collaboration and by avoiding unnecessary back and forth.

“The demand for an efficient and conversion-rate oriented approach to B2B selling is at an all-time-high,” said Yoav Vilner, CEO, and co-founder at Walnut. “Our customer base, numbering in the hundreds, has asked for assistance, and we have responded to their request with Walnut Ace and the support of integrations such as OpenAI.”

Walnut has raised $56 million and works with hundreds of customers, including Fortune 500 companies. The platform was also named one of the top tools to use during the upcoming 2023 recession. Investors include Felicis, NFX, SV Angel, Joe Montana’s Liquid2, Salesforce President, Wix CEO, Okta’s co-founders, and more.


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