Perion Network



The algorithm data science research responsible for the algorithmic core of Perion’s products. Use of predictive modeling and classification algorithms to aid in user profiling. Use of NLP and text mining techniques to extract relevant information from content. Developing solutions for real-time bidding (RTB) optimizing media buying spent for mobile advertisers. Advanced predictive modeling and constrained optimization. Automated and generic models, predicting end user probability to churn or purchase. Algorithms identifying best time to send in app notifications on a personalized basis.

Undertone, a division of Perion Network, provides cutting-edge technology solutions for the world’s leading brands. Its proprietary Synchronized Digital Branding combines data, distribution and creative to deliver cohesive stories across all critical touchpoints: screens, platforms and a transparent, customizable list of elite publishers. The AI-driven platform eliminates fragmentation, delivers much-needed revenue for publishers and, most importantly, ensures brand messaging is contextually relevant. Undertone creates stunning campaigns that align with KPIs—always with beautiful creative and in brand-safe environments.

Machine Learning Natural Language Processing
Bagging Boosting Deep Learning Ensemble algorithms
Hadoop Hive Impala Spark
Java Matlab Python R