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New Relic Applied Intelligence (NRᴬᴵ) is a set of services that automatically finds meaning and solutions in your mountain of data. From advanced statistics to machine learning to artificial intelligence, NRᴬᴵ uses the right technique to give you answers to your most pressing issues—quickly and intelligently. SignifAI (Acquired) delivers AI and ML-powered correlations for Software Engineering teams, so they receive: faster mean time to resolution (MTTR) with automatic correlation, aggregation and prioritization of alerts to help teams focus on what matters most; automated predictive insights and recommended solutions to resolve issues faster; and efficient root cause analysis, with automatically enriched issues containing all the relevant logs, events and metrics that teams need, regardless of the timeframe. AIOps is an emerging field in the IT operations ecosystem that focuses on enhancing existing operations with AI technologies, and by leveraging huge datasets and modern data analysis frameworks, SignifAI is are creating new ways to automatically monitor applications, improve our understanding of production incidents, and managing the collective knowledge base of SRE/DevOps teams.
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SignifAI is a VC-backed start-up in stealth mode, with offices in Sunnyvale and Tel-Aviv. SignifA...


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