Himax Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:HIMX) a leading supplier and fabless manufacturer of display drivers and other semiconductor products, and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Emza Visual Sense, a pioneer in AI-based algorithm for intelligent ultra-low power image sensing, announced today the release of their WiseEye 2.0 NB, an intelligent vision solution for notebook computers. It is the industry’s first ultra-low power, AI-based intelligent visual sensor that adds the advanced human presence awareness functionality for notebooks while supporting always-on operation. emza is a provider of scene interpretation and video analytic solutions. Emza pioneered the area of visual sensors – autonomous visual devices which are facilitating unique ultra lean architectural and algorithmic approaches to apply machine vision at the edge.

Emza is leveraging the proven success of its technology and products and expand to the new booming market of IoT and smart homes. Our focus is on the highest spending segments of this market, specifically addressing the residential security and safety as well as the elderly segments through a unique, context aware, privacy respecting sensor.

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