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Startup Publishing Center welcomes guests contributor posts from experts, thought-leaders and doers in the vast field of Artificial Intelligence. 

Our audience ranges from practitioners to business executives and academics the world over, from Tel Aviv to New York, Beijing, San Francisco, Berlin, Sydney or Montreal. From a unique lens and distilling data-driven insights, our readers have come to rely on and recognize for unveiling what and who is pushing the frontiers of the field, all the while keeping our viewing experience free and uninterrupted.

Please consider the following guidelines before submitting a post for publishing:

  • Topics can range broadly, examples include; Trends, opportunities, challenges facing the field of AI; Technical reviews of SOTA advances; Pro opinions supporting or opposing recent developments; Words of advice and admonition for the next entrepreneur, student or reader.
  • Content must be original and unpublished elsewhere on the net.
  • Unless you’re a researcher summarizing your findings, the content shouldn’t self-promote. However, your author card does include your picture, summary of your profile and call to action (hyperlinking and URLs permitted).
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