CommonGround Raises $25 Million to Enable Immersive 3D Meetings, Minus the VR Headset

Emmy award-winning team is dismantling the barriers to being seen, heard, and understood in online meetings without requiring a VR headset. CommonGround is now beta testing its 'TrueSelf Scan' creation app on the iPhone.
CommonGround co-founder, Ran Oz demonstrating realtime Texture Encoding. Credit: CommonGround.

CommonGround added another $25 million to its coffer, totaling nearly $45 million, to build an immersive virtual meeting experience that reimagines the future of online interactions. The funding round was led by Marius Nacht, one of Israel’s leading serial tech entrepreneurs, with participation from Matrix Partners, Grove Ventures, and StageOne Ventures.

As the world moves to increasingly remote, hybrid, and virtual environments, the company provides a platform that fosters authentic human connections. With real-life 3D representations of users far surpassing what’s possible on present-day platforms, users will finally be able to restore the deep personal connections we all crave.

Ran Oz, CommonGround co-founder and CTO, attending a CommonGround meeting. Credit: CommonGround.
Ran Oz, CommonGround co-founder and CTO, attending a CommonGround meeting. Credit: CommonGround.

“What everyone learned during the pandemic was that online meetings are necessary, but they fall short compared to face-to-face meetings. Today’s virtual meeting solutions leave us feeling disconnected and rarely valued, understood, or heard,” said Amir Bassan-Eskenazi, CEO and Co-Founder of CommonGround. “CommonGround is creating a new way to meet online where you can sit across a table, look into people’s eyes, see, and be seen. We believe, using hyper-realistic avatars as part of an immersive experience, we can make online interactions even better than face-to-face meetings.”

A new era of remote work – in which nearly 60% of people work remotely at least once a week – has increased the amount of time people spend meeting online, yet many are left feeling disconnected and craving a better way to truly connect. Present-day solutions either offer unrelatable, cartoon-like avatars or confine you to a box on a screen that masks the critical body language cues we rely on for genuine communication and collaboration.

Unlike other virtual environments, CommonGround’s patented AI, with three years in the making, provides a powerful, immersive, and secure 3D experience with hyper-realistic user representations that deliver an unparalleled sense of presence and emotional connection. This allows participants to establish eye contact, communicate through nonverbal body language, and be seen as their full, true self – seated among colleagues in a virtual room, face to face, rather than being another blankly staring face in a sea of squares.

iPhone users interested in creating their free ‘TrueSelf Scan’ avatar – the first step to joining a meeting on CommonGround – can do so here. The first 500 to create their avatar will also be invited to test the first immersive 3D meeting app that does not require a VR headset.

CommonGround was founded by serial entrepreneurs Amir Bassan-Eskenazi and Ran Oz, who between them have founded seven companies, with three successful IPOs, two M&As, and two Emmy awards for technology. To learn more about the company or available career opportunities, please visit our careers page.


John Vollmer, Senior Account Executive, VSC (on behalf of CommonGround), TrueMeeting[at]

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