ClearML Debuts ClearGPT for Secured Enterprise Generative AI

clearml generative ai cleargpt. Credit - ClearML

ClearML, an MLOps startup, has recently introduced ClearGPT, a new Generative AI platform specifically designed for secure enterprise environments. ClearGPT enables organizations to securely deploy and leverage state-of-the-art Large Language Models (LLMs) tailored to their unique data requirements, all within their own secure network.

Addressing concerns such as security, compliance, performance, cost, data governance, and customization, ClearGPT offers a comprehensive and secure end-to-end workflow. This encompasses various stages such as data ingress, model management, training, automated processes, annotations, feedback loops, and deployment. By seamlessly integrating business intelligence across different departments and disciplines, ClearGPT facilitates real-time insights and drives AI innovation across business units. The platform ensures enterprises can enjoy instant and secure AI processes without the need to share sensitive enterprise knowledge and data with third-party vendors or open-source projects.

Amidst the increasing focus on data privacy and secured access, several corporate initiatives have emerged to secure access to Generative AI tools. Notable examples include ServiceNow partnering with Nvidia and Boston Consulting Group collaborating with Intel. These collaborations prioritize safeguarding sensitive data by training custom Generative AI models on internal proprietary data within secure environments.

ClearML’s platform boasts over 1,000 enterprise clients and serves as a valuable tool for over 150,000 AI professionals, facilitating the seamless end-to-end lifecycle management of AI models.

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