Guidelines for citations and republishing

If you would like to share or republish content and data from, follow these guidelines:

  • Every attribution must be accompanied by a hyperlink to, including the name as the source in close proximity to the hyperlinked text.
  • The hyperlink cannot include a “nofollow tag” and must be visible to readers
  • The hyperlink cannot be hidden from internet crawlers and bots (e.g. Googlebot)
  • It is permitted to reprint our infographics and charts as long as there is visible text as “Source:” with a hyperlink to the original post or page in close proximity to the graphic or chart.
  • All infographics and charts cannot be modified, cropped or edited before re-publishing.
  • It is not permitted to republish our written content in full form, or substantial portions of content.
  • It is permitted to summarize portions of our written content, with proper attribution according to the guidelines stated above.
  • It is not permitted to republish our content or data from another source, or source citation, regardless of the context. If you notice our data incorrectly used or misattributed, please help us out with a heads up.
  • It is not permitted to republish our data, as it relates to profiles of startups, investors, corporations, consulting groups and people, as well as aggregate statistics derived from our directory filters and results. Our data is proprietary, and to a large extent user generated and all rights are reserved.

Please reach out to us regarding syndication of our content and data licensing and republishing:

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