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Measure key metrics about your website – performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, PWA.
The ChatGPT plugin, powered by OpenAI, enhances website performance by providing a conversational interface for users, enabling them to interact in a natural language format. By integrating this plugin, website owners can offer a more interactive and personalized experience to their visitors.

1. "Can you analyze the performance of my website and provide a detailed report?"
2. "What are the key metrics to measure the performance of my website?"
3. "How can I improve the accessibility of my website?"
4. "What are the best practices for optimizing my website's performance?"
5. "Can you check the SEO of my website and suggest improvements?"
6. "How can I make my website a Progressive Web App (PWA)?"
7. "What are the common issues that can affect my website's performance?"
8. "Can you provide a comprehensive audit of my website's performance?"
9. "How does my website's performance compare to industry standards?"
10. "What tools can I use to measure my website's performance?"
11. "Can you help me understand the metrics in my website performance report?"
12. "What steps can I take to improve my website's SEO?"
13. "How can I improve the load speed of my website?"
14. "What are the benefits of making my website a PWA?"
15. "Can you provide a checklist of best practices for website performance?"

ㅤPlugin NameDescription
A/B AnalyticsA/B test and analyze data from Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and more. Powered by
A/B JUDGEJudge whether the A/B test results are superior or not.
A+QuickSEOGet a quick SEO audit for a specific URL.
Able Network MonitorMonitor websites, email servers, check dns resolution, ping services and check for quantum safe encryption.
Auth Network MonitorElevate network monitoring with real-time, quantum-ready, HTTP, ICMP, DNS, SMTP checks, this tool alerts you 24/7.
Check Website DownInsert your website URL to check the availability. Pulsetic tests the uptime, availability & performance of a website.
Contentify MarketingAnalyze and evaluate every aspect of your website's marketing. Ask 'How can you improve your website to maximize ROI?'
Convert AssistantProvides guidance regarding's AB testing tool.
LinkhouseLinkhouse builds a ready-to-buy list of backlinks with their SEO statistics tailored to your domain.
ne.toolsNetwork diagnostic tool for DNS record lookup (A, AA, MX, NS and more) and WHOIS queries for domains and IP addresses.

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