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Convert Youtube links into transcribed text, enable asking questions, create chapters, and summarize its content.


The Video Captions plugin transcribes the audio content of YouTube videos into text, enabling users to ask questions, create chapters, and summarize the video content. This tool is beneficial for individuals who prefer reading, are hearing impaired, or wish to understand a video’s content quickly without watching it in full.

Example Prompts

1. "Please transcribe the video content from this YouTube link: [YouTube link]."
2. "Can you summarize the main points from this YouTube video? [YouTube link]"
3. "Could you create chapters for this YouTube video based on its content? [YouTube link]"
4. "I have a question about a specific part of this video. At timestamp 12:34, what is being discussed? [YouTube link]"
5. "Can you provide a detailed transcription of this YouTube video? [YouTube link]"
6. "What are the key takeaways from this YouTube video? [YouTube link]"
7. "Could you break down this YouTube video into sections with brief descriptions? [YouTube link]"
8. "I need a summary of this YouTube video for a report. Can you help? [YouTube link]"
9. "Can you transcribe the dialogue from this YouTube video? [YouTube link]"
10. "What is the main topic of discussion at the 15-minute mark in this video? [YouTube link]"

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